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Psychic Paramedic Was Finally FREE During Her NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE

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The video features individuals sharing their transformative spiritual experiences, including near-death experiences, psychic abilities, encounters with souls and angels, and transitioning to energy healing practices. The speakers emphasize self-improvement, empowerment, and holistic healing, highlighting the importance of embracing spiritual gifts and overcoming societal barriers. The discussion touches on themes of consciousness expansion, psychic development, and communicating with the deceased, ultimately promoting self-discovery and healing in a new age of unity consciousness.

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Sarah K. shares her near-death experience.
She felt warm, golden, and free from pain and suffering during the experience.
A female voice reassured her that going back would help others understand energy.
Sarah chose to come back and embarked on a journey of self-improvement and overcoming addictions.
She became a paramedic in South Central Los Angeles and reflects on the nature of duality and Cosmic Consciousness.
The speaker recounts a transformative out-of-body experience leading to a shift to a different dimension.
The experience involved their consciousness expanding outside their physical body and delves into vibrational planes and dimensions.
The speaker attributes their psychic abilities to a childhood marked by violence and heightened awareness.
Exposure to tribal experiences and teachings, including guidance from a Lakota Chief, shaped their spiritual journey.
The combination of personal trauma and cultural influences contributed to their psychic development.
Personal journey from childhood with unique sensory perceptions to adulthood as a fulfilled paramedic.
Experienced challenges and made life-changing decisions leading to purpose in helping others.
Through self-reflection and education, learned to manage abilities and assist others without feeling overwhelmed.
Importance of setting boundaries and being selective in engaging with gifts.
Experiences as a Paramedic Communicating with Souls.
Paramedic describes encounters with individuals who clinically died but their soul remained present.
Different energetic expressions of souls during medical and traumatic deaths are discussed, including interactions with deceased loved ones and pets.
Telepathy is mentioned as a tool to communicate with souls post-accident and help them understand their situation.
Emphasis is placed on guiding confused souls during traumatic events and providing reassurance in their transition from life to death.
Paramedic witnesses angels and celestials during trauma calls.
Souls leaving bodies and crossing over are described as feeling warm energy.
Despite initial fears and shame, the paramedic accepts her ability to communicate with the deceased.
Colleagues notice her unique gift, leading to a deeper exploration of her experiences.
This leads to a newfound curiosity about the afterlife.
Encounters with angels and celestial beings during stressful situations.
Angels are described as beautiful androgynous beings emitting calming energy.
Witnessing celestial beings during high-stress situations like car accidents brings peace and calm.
Archangels and divine celestial orders are seen during moments of transition for individuals.
Energetics of dealing with substance abuse and releasing dark energies during the transition process to higher awareness and unity consciousness are discussed.
Transition from Paramedic to Medical Intuitive and Psychic Surgery Practitioner.
Speaker underwent training in medical intuition, Reiki, Shamanism, and mediumship, focusing on holistic healing.
Discussion on the shift towards a light feminine age of Aquarius and the completion of a dark masculine era.
Reflection on the intensity of the current period and excitement for entering a new age of consciousness.
Emphasis on the importance of healing and self-discovery in a holistic manner.
Factors contributing to accessing psychic abilities and higher knowledge.
Pre-birth planning and challenges of stimuli are mentioned as factors influencing psychic abilities.
Fear and shame are societal barriers to developing psychic abilities.
The speaker aims to bridge the mainstream with the holistic community.
Self-trust and acceptance of abilities are key in embracing gifts and spiritual experiences.
Overcoming feeling victimized and traumatized by life's challenges through empowerment and education.
Importance of open communication about experiences and emotions, especially in difficult situations like delivering tragic news as a first responder.
Speaker's book 'Journey into Grace' combines real-life stories from 911 calls with personal struggles and addiction recovery.
Excitement about potential television adaptation of the book.
Growing collective openness towards discussing sensitive topics.
Sarah Grace's journey from personal struggles to becoming a medical intuitive and energy healer.
Grace emphasizes empowerment, holistic healing, and addressing the root cause of disease.
She offers individual sessions and an online community for support.
Grace encourages living life fully, embracing the present moment, self-care, and taking chances.
The discussion concludes with a message of gratitude and support for the podcast host, Jeff Mara.