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MIND BLOWING Pre Birth Experience & Near Death Experiences (NDE)

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The video features various speakers sharing near-death experiences, memories of past lives, and discussions on reincarnation, consciousness, and spiritual evolution. Topics include entering the Matrix, Earth's electromagnetic grid, connecting with the higher self, and encounters with ETS and UFOs. The importance of meditation, trusting instincts, and energy healing using crystals and stones is also discussed. The speakers emphasize the journey of spiritual growth, the existence of soul families, and the ultimate goal of returning to the source of the universe. The video ends with a message of love, positivity, and non-judgmental attitudes towards others.

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Chris shares his near-death experience of drowning at the age of nine.
He didn't know how to swim and got into trouble in a friend's pool in California.
Despite panicking, he remembered his mother's advice about drowning and accepted his death.
Chris felt calm and peaceful as he sank down, admiring the sunlight and bubbles underwater.
Someone eventually rescued him, but he recalls seeing a woman's face before losing consciousness.
Speaker's childhood near-drowning experience leads to belief in angels and past lives.
The event removed fear of death and opened up memories of choosing parents before birth.
Speaker recalls memory of being on a spaceship and seeing nonhuman beings.
Experience suggests a connection to soul family and preparation for reincarnation.
Acceptance of memories has expanded understanding of existence beyond the physical realm.
Entering the Matrix through computer simulation and syncing consciousness by standing on specific nodes.
Earth's electromagnetic grid balanced by pyramids to connect software to the web of the earth.
Holographic matrix overlays the natural earth, explaining the presence of felt but unseen ghosts.
ETS and UFOs present around the planet but invisible due to frequency perception limitations.
The concept of reincarnation and the journey of consciousness from lower life forms to human form.
Individuals progress through stages of awareness and self-realization before reaching the human stage.
Humans have the ability to make choices and understand the reincarnation process.
Eventually, individuals can move on from Earth.
The higher self plays a role in guiding individuals through their spiritual evolution.
Connecting with your higher self for spiritual growth.
Emphasizing the importance of spiritual growth regardless of polarity, to achieve positivity and lack of judgment.
Reaching a state of mind that allows individuals to explore other places and become part of another Soul family.
The ultimate goal is to return to the original source of the universe by becoming light and reaching a blissful state of joy.
The speaker shares personal experiences of sharing memories and knowledge to help others.
Evolution of humanity on Earth and the upgrading of human body vessels.
Some humans on Earth serve as vessels for spirits to learn, while others assist in the evolutionary process.
Earth is described as a challenging place for spiritual advancement, with individuals from other places bringing vast experience.
The importance of forgetting and remembering is emphasized, highlighting the need to do the work to remember.
Historical figures like Nikola Tesla are mentioned as examples of non-Earth beings aiding humanity.
Importance of trusting yourself and allowing subconscious information to integrate through meditation.
Conflict between the analytical and subconscious mind is highlighted, emphasizing the benefits of quieting the analytical mind through meditation.
Existential questions about feeling trapped are addressed, advising introspection to find fulfillment and purpose.
Personal experience of being drugged and transported to different places is shared, leading to a discussion about decision-making regarding the individual's fate.
Description of an out-of-body experience and the lessons learned.
The speaker saw themselves lying on a bed and heard voices discussing what to do with a body.
Woken up by a dark figure, later realized to be a guide or loved one.
Learned about acceptance and self-preservation, leading to a greater understanding of situations beyond their control.
Emphasized the importance of waiting for the right time for things to change.
Speaker shares a near-death experience and reflections on life.
Speaker recalls driving off a cliff, contemplating if they were dead, and deciding to drive back up.
The experience led to a newfound appreciation for life and understanding of existence.
Discussion shifts to UFO sightings post near-death experiences, linking it to a shift in vibrational state and consciousness opening up.
Embracing new experiences and insights through expanded consciousness.
Importance of trusting instincts and maintaining a high vibration for personal growth and understanding.
Encounters with large, plasma-filled ships, including a mile-long boomerang-shaped craft resembling the Phoenix Lights.
Friends suggesting ownership of a UFO with no memory of it, leading to discussions on extraterrestrial encounters.
Experiences with energy beings filled with love, encountered in the speaker's room and during meditation, highlighting spiritual connections.
Encounters with Beings from Different Races.
Speaker recalls interactions with beings named JM and a tall gray alien, initially disliked but later befriended.
Description of Telepathic Ship-Building Beings.
Speaker discusses another race of telepathic beings who create conscious ships.
Near-Death Experience Reflections.
The process of leaving the body during a near-death experience is highly personalized based on beliefs and desires, aiming for comfort and relaxation to avoid trauma.
Discussion on Near-Death Experiences (NDEs) and the role of guides and higher self in determining life paths.
NDEs are not pre-planned but involve vortices of possibility.
A small percentage of NDEs are negative and serve as profound teaching moments.
Guides may allow negative experiences to fulfill the soul's plan.
NDEs are short moments for the eternal soul's growth and learning.
The speaker explains how magnetic fields create piezoelectric energy to balance energy flow in the body.
He shares a personal experience of creating a device to aid in healing after back issues.
The device uses a Vortex to pull and push energy, balancing chakras and aligning energy.
The speaker recommends using the device on all seven internal body chakras for maximum benefits.
Using Crystals and Stones for Healing Frequencies and Vibrations.
Crystals are believed to target specific areas of the body with their unique frequencies and vibrations, acting as a conduit for universal energy.
Certain stones are said to be compatible with different chakras in the body, helping to balance and align energy centers.
Inspired by ancient tools such as the Bagdad battery, a device incorporating copper tubing, iron rods, and diamonds suspended in beeswax aims to focus and heal energy.
This device draws upon past memories and historical uses of similar tools to harness and direct energy for healing purposes.
Discussion on a modern version of the onk used for creating PE electric energy, healing practices, and spiritual teaching.
The device utilizes electrolytes, magnetite, and copper tubing for its functionality.
Viewers are directed to the speaker's website and YouTube channel for more information.
The speaker is working on a device that creates a magnetic field around the body.
The segment concludes with a positive message about the planet shifting into a vibration of love and the importance of positivity and non-judgment.
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