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Interdimensional Relationships & Supernatural Love After Death

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The video explores psychic medium Pam Johnson's spiritual journey, detailing her channeling experiences, spiritual awakening, and connections with spirits. It emphasizes the importance of imagination, meditation, and self-awareness in enhancing psychic abilities and communication with the spirit world. Johnson shares personal stories and insights on maintaining relationships with departed loved ones, overcoming limiting beliefs, and trusting one's higher self for guidance. The segment also discusses the power of thoughts in creating reality and the interconnectedness of the spiritual and physical worlds. Johnson encourages viewers to release fears, connect with their true selves, and embrace personal growth and transformation.

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Pam Johnson's spiritual journey began in 1987 after attending a channeling workshop in Hawaii.
Despite financial obstacles, Pam's mother supported her in taking the course.
Channeling for five months allowed Pam to hear spirits and gain knowledge about people.
While not advised to channel for long periods daily, this experience unlocked new abilities for Pam.
Pam's awakening also led to her mother revealing that her grandmother had similar psychic abilities.
Transformation through Psychic Abilities
The speaker inherited psychic abilities, leading her to become a channeler and intuitive practitioner.
She experienced a spiritual awakening that shifted her life from being a waitress to a successful channeler with a growing client base.
Her practice rapidly grew through word of mouth and synchronicities, causing some to label her as a witch.
During her awakening process, she lost friends due to her shifting vibration, but eventually found work at a new age store called Sedona where she met her husband.
Speaker recounts meeting El through a mutual friend and their strong soul connection.
El communicated after death, choosing to pass on his birthday and encouraging the speaker to grieve and make room for love.
The speaker felt palpable emotional contact and love from El, guiding her through grief and offering comfort.
El's messages helped the speaker comprehend the ongoing connection and emphasized the significance of releasing grief to allow for love.
Imagination as a conduit to the spirit world.
Daydreaming is encouraged to strengthen the connection between higher realms and lower levels of consciousness.
Thoughts have the power to create reality.
Imagination opens the doorway for spiritual messages to come through.
Personal experiences show the effectiveness of using imagination to receive guidance from the spirit realm.
Importance of accessing information from the right brain through imagination.
Imagination involves accessing information from an unknown source rather than relying on known facts.
Personal experience shared of receiving guidance from higher self before making a mistake.
Emphasis on discerning between mental chatter and communication from the spirit world.
Advice on quieting the mind to receive spiritual guidance and acting on messages to avoid potential pitfalls.
Importance of meditation and quieting the mind for tapping into higher consciousness.
Mediums supporting continuing relationships after death, contrasting with those who discourage it.
Insights on Japanese shaman mediums connecting with spirits as a normal part of life for guidance.
Emphasis on the concept that the dead are not truly gone but present in the world around us.
Highlighting cultural differences in views on spirituality and the importance of maintaining connections with the deceased.
Discussion on writing a book about continuing relationships after death and connecting with spirits.
Mediums confirming communication with spirits and the significance of belief in making contact.
Emphasis on assisting individuals in changing limiting beliefs and resetting energy to reach their true selves.
Program focused on spiritual development and awakening, rather than just psychic development.
The importance of continuing relationships beyond death and seeking forgiveness for negative ego issues.
Emphasis on the emotional connection with departed loved ones and the intense emotions experienced on the other side.
Stress on being open to communication from spirits despite societal fears and misconceptions about the afterlife.
Sharing of personal experiences and encounters from readers who have also felt connected to passed loved ones.
Promoting a more accepting and understanding approach to spiritual communication.
The importance of continued relationships with loved ones on the other side and following inner guidance.
The segment explores transformative experiences and potential for intimacy in communicating with spirits.
Emphasis on the gradual nature of the spiritual journey and working through limiting beliefs and fears.
Highlighting the potential for profound growth and connection through ongoing relationships with spirits.
Trusting one's higher self is crucial in engaging fully in the process of connecting with spirits.
Developing psychic abilities through inner work and raising vibration.
Encourages channeling messages from loved ones for telepathic communication.
Clearing limiting beliefs and blocks is crucial for unlocking psychic abilities.
Emphasizes the importance of self-inventory to identify and address limiting beliefs.
Reality reflects beliefs, highlighting the need to address and change limiting beliefs.
Importance of self-awareness in recognizing and addressing limiting beliefs.
Communicating with loved ones on the other side involves focusing on the individual, asking questions, and trusting the responses received.
Doubting the connection hinders the process, emphasizing the need to fully commit and trust the communication.
Building a strong connection with the spirit world requires perseverance and openness to receive messages without doubt or hesitation.
Building a connection with Spirit involves letting go of doubt, fear, and expectations.
This allows for a more open and trusting mindset in a co-creation experience with guides, angels, or loved ones.
Trust in the signs and messages received, as demonstrated by a story of spiritual guidance saving a baby's life.
Understanding and embracing communication from the other side can provide guidance and support in navigating life's challenges.
Importance of listening to your higher self for guidance and making decisions.
Emphasizes clearing limiting beliefs to live more intuitively as your true self.
Higher mind is portrayed as psychic and capable of providing a broader perspective.
Physical mind tends to focus on past events and lacks foresight.
Touches on interdimensional relationships and raising vibration to connect with higher beings for guidance and unique experiences.
The book 'Supernatural Love' explores the idea of connecting with loved ones after death and emphasizes raising our frequency for spiritual growth.
It suggests that understanding the type of relationship desired can aid in self-discovery and authenticity.
Readers have resonated with the book, feeling a deepening connection with their loved ones while reading it.
Insights on the afterlife and connections with loved ones.
Loved ones in the afterlife can interact with multiple people simultaneously, transcending time and space.
Individuals retain their identity and emotions after passing, existing in a multi-dimensional nature of existence.
Spirits can connect with multiple individuals at once and assist them in various ways.
The message conveys a sense of continuity and connection beyond physical life.
Importance of being receptive to spiritual connections.
Spirits and guides assess readiness and fear levels before engaging in the physical realm.
Addressing and eliminating fear is crucial for spiritual contact.
Bridging the physical and non-physical worlds can lead to fulfilling experiences.
Maintaining openness and receptivity to spiritual guidance is key.
The power of thoughts in creating reality.
Beliefs shape our experiences and thoughts manifest into physical and non-physical realities.
Religious beliefs and societal conditioning play a role in shaping perceptions.
Adjusting one's reality bubble through thoughts and emotions is emphasized.
Aligning thoughts with desired outcomes is crucial for shaping experiences.
Pamela Johnson discusses her YouTube channel 'Supernatural Love' and the 'Bridge to Heaven' masterclass.
She hosts weekly live sessions and offers teaching for free on YouTube.
Johnson guides people in transformation through the Supernatural Love Academy, encouraging viewers to connect with their true selves.
Viewers are urged to release fears and limiting beliefs to live more intuitively and authentically.
Johnson emphasizes the importance of being aligned with one's true self and the support of the universe in personal growth and transformation.
Emphasis on the interconnectedness of the spiritual and physical worlds.
Unseen forces play a role in healing and guiding individuals.
Temporary nature of the physical world, eternal existence of the spiritual realm.
Encouragement to embrace life fully and connect with the spiritual realm.
Gratitude expressed for the message shared, importance of support and appreciation from viewers mentioned.