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Her Guides SAVED HER LIFE During Her Near Death Experience

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Shion Whitewolf shares her near-death experiences, past life memories, and connection with spirits. She discusses encounters with dark entities, UFO sightings, and spiritual awakenings. Shion emphasizes the importance of healing, reconnecting with nature, and raising vibrations for personal and collective growth. She explores concepts of interdimensional travel, energy manifestation, and spiritual alignment. Shion reflects on resilience, sacred places like Uluru, and upcoming projects focused on coaching, writing, and energy activations, encouraging viewers to embrace their true path as lightworkers and find happiness through spiritual connections.

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Shion Whitewolf's unique journey of being born awake and remembering past lives.
Shion shares near-death experiences, including being born dead and defying medical expectations with exceptional abilities.
She discusses abnormal brain waves and the possibility of inheriting unique traits from her lineage.
Shion reflects on memories of past lives from different cultures and expresses sadness over humanity's lack of harmony with the Earth.
Despite societal norms, Shion possesses deep knowledge and understanding of complex subjects from a young age.
Near-death experience while swimming in Queensland.
Experienced drowning, saw a red haze, heard angelic music, and witnessed an eagle circling above in slow motion.
Felt profound beauty in the moment of passing over, saw a tunnel of red and gold.
Encountered spirit guides in various colors, including tall rainbow-colored beings called the Guardians.
Connected with loved ones during the experience.
Speaker shares a near-death experience involving Spirits manipulating water.
Belief in Spirits communicating and interacting with humans through nature.
Strong connection with eagles as guides and protectors on spiritual journey.
Discussion on domestic violence and influence of darker Spirits on individuals with low vibrations.
Encounter with Dark Spirit and Near-Death Experiences.
The speaker shares multiple experiences with a dark spirit that others could also see, resulting in violent encounters.
Despite being attacked by a possessed partner, the speaker received guidance from spiritual guides to escape a fatal situation.
Keys found in the partner's possession allowed for a narrow escape, leading to a dramatic run for safety.
The intense ordeal culminated in a surreal experience reminiscent of a horror movie.
The speaker shares a personal experience of near-death and being sent back with a purpose to heal and awaken people.
The speaker believes in choosing their own path and overcoming obstacles that try to divert them.
Their role is to bridge disconnections in society and help people reconnect with the Earth and magic within it.
Emphasis is placed on the importance of healing as a society and individual by reconnecting with the sacred.
The speaker discusses reincarnation, sharing a story of their mother's journey after passing and choosing to be a guide in the spirit world.
Discussion on chakra points on Earth and their significance, including Mount Shasta and Glastenbury as energy portals.
Mention of UFO sightings around Mount Shasta and personal experience with a UFO encounter.
Details about prohibited areas for aircraft testing and nuclear waste cleanup.
Personal accounts of UFO sightings.
Potential ET contact after near-death experiences.
Personal experiences with extraterrestrial encounters and abilities.
Describes being taken onto a ship by beings and having implants removed.
Mentions feeling pregnant after an encounter and having remote viewing abilities to travel through energetic grid lines on Earth.
Feels vulnerable sharing experiences but believes it's important to discuss.
Speculation about potentially meeting a child resulting from encounters and the complexity of the experiences.
Spiritual connection with animals and traveling through dimensions.
Training wild animals through energetic connection and telepathy.
Shifting into higher dimensional realities and traveling through silver and blue threads.
Emphasizing the importance of acknowledging spiritual essence in all beings and objects.
Urging the spiritual community to stay connected to the natural world and abundance of spirit.
The importance of thoughts creating energy and manifesting into physical reality.
Honoring the spirit and soul in all aspects of life.
Exploring Egyptian hieroglyphs in Australia and ancient technology for interdimensional travel.
Discussion on time being circular, parallel dimensions existing simultaneously, and the future being the past.
Advice for shamanic practitioners to assist others during challenging times.
Importance of raising vibrations for healing and shifting patterns.
High vibrations have a positive impact on personal and collective healing, aligning with one's soul path benefits humanity.
Encouragement for patience and self-healing in the grieving process.
Viewing death as a natural part of life, finding beauty and connection in the process.
Emphasis on the power of high vibrations, healing, and spiritual alignment for creating positive change.
Reflection on near-death experiences and resilience.
Near-death experiences have made the speaker resilient and connected to their guides, emphasizing the importance of staying strong and aligned with their purpose.
Appreciation of life's beauty and sacred places.
Sacred places like Uluru are described as powerful energy vortexes that help heal the Earth and individuals.
Encouragement to honor and protect sacred locations for healing and connectivity with the world.
Upcoming projects of the speaker include launching a podcast, writing a book, coaching clients, and conducting energy activations.
The importance of connecting with indigenous cultures and finding one's true path as a light worker is emphasized.
Viewers are encouraged to believe in themselves, pursue childhood dreams, and embrace daily blessings.
These actions are seen as ways to bring happiness and positive change in life.