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France's SECRET SPACE PROGRAM & The Alien Connection: Solaris

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John Charles Moyer shares experiences of abduction by beings of light, leading to special abilities. He communicates with pets through telepathy, encounters beings of light during near-death experiences, and dreams of a planet called Anaris. The speaker recounts mysterious experiences in France, a summer camp incident, and encounters with military personnel. He describes missions with the Galactic Federation to protect people and rescue individuals enslaved by the Reptilian Draco. The speaker discusses time travel, elasticity of time, and disappearing during a space Force training camp. The narrative includes encounters with beings in military hospitals, a 6-foot being with green skin, and a young boy named Victor. The speaker maintains contact with extraterrestrial beings for guidance and reassurance. He emphasizes making movies to corroborate his claims, conducting brain wave experiments, and receiving testimonials from parents and friends. The speaker expresses gratitude for support and discusses upcoming speaking engagements and projects related to his space experiences. The guest shares a near-death experience, encourages embracing extraordinary experiences without fear of judgment, and emphasizes spreading love.

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John Charles Moyer shares his abduction experience by beings of light and the development of special abilities.
Moyer recounts manipulating lights in a supermarket and interacting with energy fields as a result of his encounters.
His experiences have had a lasting impact on his life, shaping his perception of reality and his understanding of the world.
Communication with Pets, Dreams of the Bahamas, and Encounters with Beings of Light.
The speaker communicated with pets through telepathy, had vivid childhood dreams of the Bahamas, and near-death experiences with beings of light.
The beings of light communicated through telepathy, radiated unconditional love, and provided a sense of calm and protection.
Despite initial fear, the speaker felt surrounded by the beings of light and experienced a mix of emotions during the encounters.
The speaker also encountered different beings during abduction and near-death experiences, expressing the complexity of summarizing these life events.
Speaker recounts a dream about traveling to the planet Anaris, interacting with beings and crystals.
Upon waking, speaker finds a bottle with red water and a crystal inside.
Speaker's parents are astonished by the physical bottle, blurring lines between dreams and reality.
Speaker describes a strange experience in school where time seemed frozen.
Overall, the segment explores the connection between dreams and waking life.
Speaker's mysterious experiences in France and at a summer camp.
Belongings disappeared in a dark French toilet, followed by a sunstroke at a summer camp leading to hospitalization.
X-ray revealed a metal implant in the speaker's brain, prompting further observation.
Encounters with German-speaking military personnel, rushed to an elevator, taken to an underground location with children in a lineup.
Instructed by a woman at a table to put his hand in a box.
Experience with beings from Solaris spaceship and secret space program.
Training with various beings, including French individual David Ru, who becomes a friend.
Similar experiences with spaceship, blonde woman, and a classroom in space shared by narrator and David Ru.
Difficulty in conveying experiences to others highlighted by narrator.
Focus on sharing life story with emphasis on space-related aspects.
Shared Memories of Past Life Space Mission and Battle.
David and John Char shared similar experiences of a past life involving a space mission and battle against reptilian races.
Both individuals experienced a strong sense of deja vu upon meeting each other, realizing they were connected and had similar training and experiences.
Despite questioning their sanity initially, they came to believe in the reality of their shared memories and connection.
Their encounter reinforced their belief in a higher purpose and validation of their experiences.
Speaker's involvement in missions to protect people from different politics and exchange with other planets.
Mention of a Galactic Federation agreement to protect the solar system.
Not all reptilians are bad, but the danger posed by the Draco is highlighted.
Description of a specific mission where the speaker was injured by a black Draco, emphasizing the importance of mental shielding.
Speaker's near-death experience and subsequent rescue, including being treated in a medical section of Solaris.
Speaker's encounters with dangerous beings and experiences with time travel.
Speaker describes being saved from injury through technology and facing the black Draco during a mission.
Discussion on time travel and elasticity of time, including a person freezing during an abduction.
Speaker shares a personal experience of disappearing during a space Force training summer camp.
Possible extraterrestrial involvement hinted at in speaker's disappearance.
Speaker shares strange experiences from his youth and military service.
Speaker recounts following a friend to a field where a gold disc appeared above him, leading to fear and isolation.
Speaker discusses being selected for military service in the French Air Force and training as a Commando parachutist.
Training resulted in a shoulder injury for the speaker.
Reflects on past memories and experiences that have had a significant impact on his life.
Encounter with Beings in Military Hospital
Speaker describes encountering beings in suits, including a reptilian and tall gray, engaged in secretive activities.
Advanced Technology Procedure
Speaker undergoes a procedure using advanced technology to repair his shoulder and encounters a blonde woman with blue eyes.
Assignment to Space Force
Speaker is taken through a tube into an amphitheater with various beings in suits and assigned a mission in a space force, reminiscent of Star Trek.
Speaker recounts past encounters with strange beings in his room.
Describes encountering a 6-foot being with green skin and red eyes.
Recalls feeling shadows and a presence in his room at night.
No longer experiences metallic sensations in his hand from previous encounters.
Mentions connecting with others who have had similar experiences.
Victor, a young boy with green skin and red eyes, appeared in the narrator's room claiming to be from a different frequency.
Victor returned with an agreement from interplanetary conglomerates to stay in touch with the narrator.
The narrator's mother also had a paranormal experience with Victor appearing in a clock reflection.
The narrator continues to maintain contact with extraterrestrial beings, receiving guidance and reassurance during times of need.
The speaker uses movies to provide evidence for his extraordinary claims about his life experiences.
A documentary featuring his wife and parents testifying about their experiences was created.
A sequel, 'Star Seed Revelation 2,' was made to address the need for further proof.
The speaker describes participating in a brain wave experiment with a scientist and trying teleportation.
The documentary serves as a comprehensive account of the speaker's life events and abilities, with scientific proof and testimonials from parents and friends.
Speaker's Busy Schedule and Apology for Unanswered Emails.
The speaker expresses gratitude for the support received but apologizes for not being able to respond due to multiple ongoing projects in France, Denver, and Japan.
Galactic Spiritual Informers Conference in Denver.
The speaker discusses his upcoming speaking engagements at the Galactic Spiritual Informers Conference in Denver, emphasizing the diverse range of speakers and topics that will be covered.
New Documentary and Future Projects.
The speaker mentions his new documentary and upcoming projects related to his space experiences, inviting viewers to explore his life through his documentaries.
Discussion of a near-death experience lasting nine minutes.
Encouragement to align with one's light and embrace extraordinary experiences without fear of judgment.
Emphasis on listening to children's unique experiences and spreading love as a key message.
Gratitude expressed and reminder to support the podcast through YouTube memberships for additional perks.