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Beautiful MESSAGE From The Arcturians From ET - Viviane Chauvet

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Vivien Chau, an Arcturian Ambassador, discusses her mission as a being from the Octarian delegations, emphasizing telepathic communication, ascension, and the interconnectedness of all beings. The text explores shifting consciousness, genetic manipulation, and the transition to higher timelines, urging individuals to raise their vibration and connect with their cosmic origins. It also discusses the importance of evolving spiritually, releasing old patterns, and embracing one's light. The speaker emphasizes direct communication with extraterrestrial beings, the existence of a vast alliance of civilizations, and the impact of technology on spiritual advancement. The video concludes with a message of empowerment, spiritual growth, and gratitude within a supportive community.

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Vivien Chau, an Arcturian Ambassador, explains her background and mission as a being from the Octarian delegations.
She describes her physical form as a hybrid created by Octarian technology using human genetic material.
Vivien discusses her telepathic communication with her group and her role as an ambassador to aid in the evolution of other species.
She emphasizes that she is on a mission and has taken on a different form to fulfill her purpose.
Discussion on Ascension, holographic projection, and Arcturian consciousness.
Arcturians have most of their consciousness on a ship while a filtered version incarnates on Earth.
Arcturians are part of a coalition with groups like the Andromedans and Syrians, monitoring Earth and communicating with a Council of Elders.
Emphasis on the advanced mental capacity and mastery of light, using holographic codes for communication.
Suggestion that Earth and the entire realm may be a holographic projection over a physical planet, part of a larger singularity mind of the Prime Creator.
The concept of reality being a projection of energy vibrating at a low frequency is discussed.
Objects like cups have meaning based on collective agreement, and different beings may not recognize Earth objects as we do.
The idea of multiple overlapping realities and agreed points of interaction is explored.
Understanding one's inner universe and DNA as a cosmic antenna for receiving information is emphasized.
The concept of ascension to higher dimensions and the interconnectedness of all beings is highlighted.
Speaker discusses shift in consciousness towards greater design and larger reality.
Speaker communicates with extraterrestrial beings in human form, describing their own appearance as Octan being with unique features.
Speaker receiving positive and inspirational responses globally, aiming to awaken as many people as possible to their mission.
Rising consciousness and empowerment of individuals discussed.
Genetic manipulation history leading to reduced human biological functionality mentioned.
Earth transitioning from polarized linear construct to original celestial self highlighted.
Negative influences like reptilians, AI, and Orion mentioned, with emphasis on positive ancient beings.
Critique of royal families and establishment of power through fear and manipulation.
Shifting timelines on Earth lead to a transition to a third-dimensional physicality timeline.
Awakening of star seeds, light workers, and individuals focused on healing and spiritual growth on the middle timeline.
Increase in technology, especially AI, leading people to seek enlightenment through it.
Technology is not the solution; consciousness is emphasized by advanced beings.
Conscious guidance of technology is crucial to prevent destruction or limitations, highlighting the importance of understanding its true purpose.
Transitioning to a higher timeline and cosmic consciousness.
Connecting with star family and evolving spiritually helps understand thought forms and energy.
Future advanced human beings embrace compassion and love, returning to their celestial selves.
Shifting to an organic timeline involves identifying as a soul being and recognizing cosmic origins.
Those shifting may experience physical effects as they anchor frequency on the planet through dietary changes.
Raising your vibration can enhance senses and create a deeper connection to higher consciousness.
Activating multisensory points and changes along the spinal cord play a role in this process.
Evolution of soul consciousness is a key aspect of spiritual growth.
Understanding and resolving karmic loops is crucial for personal development.
Beings of light, like the Guardians of Time, assist individuals in navigating spiritual obstacles.
Importance of evolving to the third density level for growth and understanding of Divinity.
Encouragement to commune with oneself and declare readiness to release old roles and patterns.
Discussion on potential transformation of physical form from carbon-based to a more luminous form.
Emphasis on cultivating a connection to one's light and the impact of thoughts and speech on the body.
Encouragement to release control of the third-dimensional mind and consciously connect with one's inner being.
Direct communication with extraterrestrial beings is favored over channeling, as higher frequency beings cannot exist in human form.
The concept of star seeds and prototypes from advanced civilizations is discussed, highlighting the need to raise consciousness to interact with these beings.
Beings like Bigfoot are mentioned as coexisting on Earth after their original planet was destroyed, able to shift dimensional frequencies to appear invisible.
Bigfoot is described as peaceful beings who chose Earth for its ecosystem, resembling their original planet.
Interaction with Earth by various beings and advanced councils.
Emphasis on positive partnership among enlightened civilizations and adherence to universal laws.
Mention of a 'prime directive' akin to Star Trek, promoting non-interference in civilizations' evolution.
Role of Guardians of time in monitoring timelines and exchange of technology for communication and consciousness enhancement.
The segment explores the existence of an alliance of civilizations beyond Earth and Earth's eventual integration into it.
It stresses the importance of individuals reconnecting with their cosmic universal being and transcending 3D energies.
The speaker emphasizes identifying oneself as an eternal soul with multiple lifetimes.
The impact of current technology on spiritual growth is questioned, warning against excessive reliance on machines for healing.
The role of consciousness in attaining enlightenment is highlighted, with mention of advanced technologies shared by extraterrestrial civilizations with higher spiritual maturity.
Importance of being mindful and cautious about technology, especially AI, and empowering children to rely on their own abilities.
Changes coming in 2024 and 2025 as significant shifting points, encouraging individuals to focus on creating a positive impact on humanity and the planet.
Highlighting the interconnectedness of all life forms and the symbiotic relationship with the planet.
Emphasizing the need for collective awareness and responsibility for the well-being of the ecosystem.
Overview of Universal Octarian Online Community and upcoming events.
The community provides teachings, group healing, retreats, and monthly Zoom meetings.
A documentary based on 'The Extraterrestrial Species Almanac' premiering at Contact in the Desert in June aims to raise awareness about star beings.
Seminars in Alaska and Australia are promoted, with exclusive bonuses available for signing up under Vivian's name.
Plans to reactivate an ancient portal and promote conscious awakening and light spectrum.
Mention of upcoming events such as a winter solstice seminar and a Galactic Origins cruise.
Offering free monthly meditations to assist with anxiety and sleep.
Introduction of a new Star Seed Series beginning in August to help individuals reclaim their power and true nature.
Encouragement for viewers to access a library of free meditations on YouTube.
Empowering message of love and support from a community.
Encourages letting go of fear and limitations to embrace light and courage.
Emphasizes importance of soul design and divine blueprint in daily life.
Gratitude expressed for the shared message and invitation for continued support.
Conveys empowerment, spiritual growth, and sense of belonging within a supportive community.