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Curry Blake The Spirit Is Our Real Us

James Taylor2020-01-02
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The video delves into the concept of spiritual transformation by aligning the spirit, soul, and body with God's Word. It emphasizes the importance of renewing the mind and aligning with the spirit to combat negative influences and spiritual attacks. The discussion covers spiritual warfare, prophecies, salvation, and the interconnectedness of spirit, soul, and body. The ultimate goal is to achieve divine health, spiritual renewal, and eternal life through a deep connection to God and the Word of God.

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Importance of understanding the differences between spirit, soul, and body for spiritual results like healing.
The Word of God plays a crucial role in dividing spirit and soul, differentiating from secular approaches to spiritual issues.
God fixes individuals through spiritual transformation, enabling Christ to live within them.
Misconception of bypassing the soul to solely operate in the spirit, highlighting the unity of spirit, soul, and body for effective functioning.
Understanding the concept of man as a three-part being.
Emphasizing the importance of aligning with God's perspective through the Word of God.
Transformation that occurs when a person is born again in spirit, leading to alignment with God and absence of evil within the spirit.
Implications of spiritual alignment on thoughts and actions.
The concept of spirit and soul in Christianity.
The spirit is considered the true essence of a person, while the soul requires renewal.
Transformation happens when one is born again in the spirit, becoming a new creation in the likeness of Christ.
The soul still needs to be renewed even after spiritual rebirth.
Diseases like cancer are attributed to sources of destruction rather than life-giving forces.
Understanding the concept of spiritual death and rebirth.
Recognizing the difference between operating in spirit or soul through understanding spirit and soul function basics.
Reference to biblical teachings and scientific phenomena like phantom limb sensations post-amputation.
Highlighting the connection between physical and spiritual experiences, emphasizing the importance of spiritual understanding.
Importance of the spirit's connection to God and concept of being born again.
God communicates with individuals through the spirit.
Difference between BIOS life and Zoe life, with Zoe life being the life of God.
Relationship between Jesus and believers compared to a vine and branches.
Believers have the same life as Jesus flowing through them.
The concept of life transfer and healing through the connection between individuals.
Emphasizes the flow of life force from one person to another, similar to a blood transfusion but on a deeper level.
Allowing the life of Jesus to flow through oneself can extend healing to others.
Learning to channel divine energy effectively for personal well-being and combat sickness is crucial.
The ultimate goal is to achieve divine health and maintain a strong connection to spiritual energy for continuous healing and wellness.
The soul is not located in the brain but fills the entire body, influencing personality, will, intellect, education, and experiences.
The brain acts as the physical organ that houses the soul's functions, serving as the command center.
The soul retains memory of principles that shape behavior and decisions.
Personal habits, such as choosing Coca Cola over water, can be influenced by soul memory.
Understanding the connection between the spirit and God's knowledge.
The spirit, connected to God, has access to all knowledge, including words of knowledge.
By tapping into God's wisdom, the spirit can reveal knowledge to the soul.
Prophecy and knowledge are discussed in relation to God's timeless nature.
The spirit is renewed upon being born again, but the mind requires transformation through the Word of God to align with the spirit's knowledge.
Importance of renewing the mind to align with the Spirit of God.
The mind needs to be transformed to receive spiritual truths and be in union with the spirit.
Without this renewal, the mind remains at odds with God's will.
The relationship between the spirit, soul, and body is discussed, emphasizing the need for the spirit to influence the soul.
By aligning the soul with the spirit, positive changes can manifest in one's behavior.
Impact of addictions on the body and soul, and renewing the mind with the Word of God for deliverance.
Individual experiences and level of mind renewal influence interpretation of information.
Significance of prioritizing the spirit over worldly gains, based on Jesus' teachings.
Losing the soul can lead to potential demonic possession from external influences.
The concept of possession and influence by the devil is explored, emphasizing the progression of steps leading to needing external help for freedom.
The speaker discusses whether a Christian can be possessed by a devil, focusing on the distinction between being owned by the devil and simply having influence.
Biblical references of possession and different terminologies used are delved into during the discussion.
The segment concludes by addressing the possibility of born-again individuals having addictions or habits without being owned by the devil.
Misconceptions about spiritual implications of illness and death.
Example of a child's death challenging the belief that illness is caused by spirits or devils.
Experiences shared of people being healed of cancer but later succumbing to the disease again.
Shift in prayer focus towards addressing spiritual influences behind illnesses.
Emphasis on distinguishing between physical ailments and spiritual influences.
Importance of understanding spiritual warfare and the influence of the enemy on the soul.
Physical illnesses are often wrongly linked to spiritual issues, stressing the need for soul renewal through the Word of God.
Emphasis on the distinction between spirit and soul, with the soul as the battleground for spiritual warfare.
Renewing the mind with God's truth enables believers to resist the enemy's tactics and overcome carnal influences.
Importance of controlling negative thoughts and renewing the mind with the Word of God.
Emphasizes aligning the soul with the spirit through mind renewal to overcome spiritual attacks.
Illustrates how negative thoughts can hinder spiritual growth.
Encourages focusing on spiritual transformation for positive change.
Redirecting thoughts and aligning the soul with the spirit leads to spiritual renewal.
Contrasting perspectives on prophecy between the Old and New Testaments.
In the Old Testament, prophets' words had to come true or they faced stoning.
In the New Testament, prophecies are to be judged due to God dwelling within man.
A renewed mind is necessary for accurately interpreting prophecies.
Human experiences can affect the accuracy of prophecies, despite the message being correct.
Importance of filtering prophecies and words from God through the individual's spirit.
Role of the soul in shaping interpretations and expressions, emphasizing alignment with the Spirit of God.
Unity of spirit, soul, and body, focusing on renewing the mind to convey God's message accurately.
Reference to biblical verses supporting spirit-led communication and interconnectedness of body and spirit.
Importance of spiritual life and death.
Differentiates physical death, spiritual death, and eternal death, emphasizing the eternal separation from God.
Significance of being spiritually alive and connected to God for eternal life without fear of separation.
Raises questions about the possibility of separation from God, emphasizing the security of being connected to Him.
Explores the essence of life and the consequences of spiritual choices on eternal destiny.
Discussion on salvation, focusing on once saved always saved vs. conditional salvation.
Importance of having a new spirit and heart as a Christian, striving for holiness and staying close to God.
Emphasis on operating in the spirit vs. the soul, and the need to be aware of one's spiritual state.
Implications of being in the spirit or the flesh, particularly in relation to emotions and actions.
Renewing your mind allows alignment with the Word of God.
Paul used past experiences to convey spiritual truths effectively.
The church should function as a Bible School, equipping individuals to minister effectively.
Individuals are encouraged to discern between operating in the flesh, soul, and spirit.