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H&M Released Their Own Makeup Line... And It's Trash 🗑️

James Charles2024-06-21
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James Charles reviews H&M Beauty makeup products, expressing skepticism due to the brand's fast fashion nature. He critiques the high prices and quality inconsistencies, highlighting issues with foundation shades and product performance. Despite some positives like affordable pricing and decent mascara results, the overall review is negative, with only the highlighter and liquid lipstick recommended. The speaker calls out H&M for lacking quality despite available resources and encourages viewers to support small, creative brands in the beauty industry.

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James Charles tries a full face of makeup from H&M.
He purchased every item from their Beauty line for $266.25, noting the high price compared to other brands.
Despite his past shopping at H&M, he is skeptical about the quality due to the fast fashion nature of the brand.
The video showcases his experience testing out the H&M makeup products.
Challenges of buying foundation shades online.
Speaker manually adjusts shades in Photoshop to ensure accuracy.
Mismatch between foundation and concealer shades purchased online due to poor website design.
Speaker praises concealer's coverage and blending quality despite initial frustration.
Inconsistency in packaging and similarities between products from different brands noted.
Speaker appreciates affordable price of concealer and sets makeup using translucent powder.
Review of makeup products with poor performance.
Bronzer is orange and ineffective, while blush lacks pigmentation.
Frustration and disappointment expressed towards the quality of the products and brand's choices.
Despite attempts to fix makeup application, overall look remains subpar.
Reviewer showcases dissatisfaction with lack of quality and effectiveness in tested items.
Review of makeup products focusing on color accuracy and functionality.
Taupe brow filler criticized for being too dark and warm-toned instead of cool and grayish.
Teardrop tip of eyebrow pencil considered ineffective and frustrating.
H&M Beauty eyeshadows praised for affordability and variety of colors.
Single eyeshadows showcased with initial impressions and thoughts on shades.
Lack of shade names on makeup products and criticism of the beauty industry.
Large corporations are releasing subpar products and some brands intentionally create low-quality items to increase sales.
Supporting small, creative, and family-owned brands is important in the cosmetic space.
Genuine quality should be valued over profit-driven releases in the beauty industry.
Review of H&M Beauty Makeup Products.
The mascara is affordable at $10 and gives decent results.
Eyelashes are criticized for being cheap-looking.
The highlighter is praised for its pretty peachy pink shade.
Affordability of the products is appreciated, but quality is highlighted as a concern.
Review of H&M makeup products highlighting disappointment in quality and packaging.
The reviewer criticizes H&M's lack of quality despite available resources.
Only the highlighter and liquid lipstick are recommended, while the rest are labeled as 'hot garbage.'
The reviewer expresses love for the audience and apologizes for their mood, directing frustration towards the makeup products.
Viewers are encouraged to support the channel and stay tuned for future content.
Mention of potential lawsuit and request for a call back.
Music plays intermittently during the segment.