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How to learn ANY language in 6-12 months

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The video discusses the 'Akena Method' for learning a new language in 6 to 12 months, focusing on achieving conversational fluency. It emphasizes immersion, spaced repetition, and gradual progression through four levels. The method, developed by a polyglot with experience in learning seven languages, offers practical tips, mindset development, and exclusive access to a language learning community. A new video course based on the 'Ikena Method' is announced, promising a condensed version of the language learning approach for faster fluency and long-lasting retention, with enrollment available on canada.com at a discounted rate.

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The 'Akena Method' for learning any language in 6 to 12 months is focused on achieving conversational fluency.
The method is divided into four levels - preparation, beginner, intermediate, and advanced.
Level one involves 'consuming' the language for 4 to 9 months through resources like Pimsleur and Michel Thomas.
The method aims to provide effective learning, review strategies, and fun to keep learners motivated.
The speaker, with experience in learning seven languages, presents an updated language learning approach in a condensed version.
Effective ways to learn a new language.
Use language programs such as audio courses or textbooks to ease into the language.
Create a daily list of 5 to 10 common words in the target language.
Utilize tools like Anki for spaced repetition to help remember words.
Immerse yourself in the language by watching TV shows with English subtitles and consuming media in the target language.
In the second stage of learning, focus on reading easy materials like graded readers or web comics to expand vocabulary and understand grammar basics.
Language learning progression from level one to level two.
Level one requires knowing 1,500 common words and understanding half of TV show dialogue.
Moving to level two involves speaking practice for conversational fluency within six to 12 months.
Language exchange platforms like iTalki can aid in achieving conversational fluency.
The Ikena Method is a new video course designed to teach language learning strategies in more detail.
Highlights of Language Learning Course
The course covers steps to quickly reach fluency, focusing on mindset development and special techniques like grammar scavenger hunts.
It offers four levels of language learning and exclusive access to a Discord server for practice.
The Kenneth Method is emphasized as a customizable and effective approach tailored to individual personality types.
The course promises to condense 10 years of language learning experience into a few hours and recommends visiting canada.com for enrollment.