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9 Equifax Credit Cards In One Day Stacking Play

Hoodrich Credit2023-04-17
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The video covers credit card stacking with Equifax, recommending leveraging personal and business credit cards for financial benefits. It emphasizes managing multiple cards to demonstrate creditworthiness and suggests pre-qualifying for cards to avoid hard credit pulls. The strategy involves freezing credit reports, applying for multiple cards simultaneously, and investing in various ventures like real estate and Airbnb. The goal is to use credit opportunities for wealth generation and business growth. Key Bank and Citizens Bank are recommended for zero percent interest offers, and building relationships with credit unions like DCU is suggested for more card options.

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Benefits of Credit Card Stacking with Equifax.
Managing multiple credit cards demonstrates creditworthiness to lenders.
Leveraging personal credit cards with zero percent interest can improve credit scores.
Key Bank is suggested for solid pools with internal pulls and zero percent interest offers.
Citizens Bank is recommended for business credit cards with zero percent interest.
Maximizing credit card funding through strategic tactics.
Pre-qualifying for cards from various institutions to avoid hard credit pulls.
Submitting applications simultaneously by pre-filling information on multiple tabs to increase approval chances.
Accessing favorable terms like zero percent interest by utilizing the mentioned strategies.
Building relationships with credit unions like DCU for additional card options and approval opportunities.
Strategies for Maximizing Funding and Credit Opportunities.
Utilizing Equifax's complete stacking method to maximize funding and obtain lines of credit for cash access.
Investing in real estate, trucking, Airbnb, and other ventures to generate revenue and show financial stability for easier approval of business credit.
Importance of having a good credit profile and high revenue for LLC startups to access business lines of credit and credit card applications.
Personal assistance offered by the speaker to help individuals leverage credit opportunities for wealth generation and business growth.