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Mugwort in Witchcraft - Psychic Growth, Astral Projection

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The video explores the magical properties of mugwort, including its historical uses in protection, divination, and dream magic. It discusses modern applications for enhancing psychic abilities, astral projection, and spiritual practices. The segment emphasizes caution in using mugwort due to potential interactions with medical conditions. It also suggests creating protective charms and pouches with herbs for psychic and physical protection. Overall, the video promotes the connection between mugwort and spiritual energy, encouraging viewers to explore plant spirits and magical practices responsibly.

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The magical and mystical properties of mugwort, a plant associated with dream magic, astral projection, and psychic abilities.
Mugwort has a long history of use in folklore and is considered sacred in various traditions.
It is linked to the planets Venus and the moon, the element of Earth, and astrological signs like Taurus and Libra.
Mugwort's history dates back to Roman soldiers who used it for energy on long journeys.
This practice of using mugwort for energy can be incorporated into modern magical rituals.
Mugwort's historical uses include protection, abundance, and association with St. John the Baptist.
Symbols of mugwort on shoes were believed to provide protection from evil spirits, wild animals, and pests.
Mugwort was worn on St. John's Eve for added protection, as it is linked to St. John the Baptist.
Mugwort is associated with Crone energy, symbolizing knowledge and wisdom.
The plant is connected to lunar magic, aiding in dreamwork, divination, and psychic abilities.
Historical uses of Mugwort in divination, psychic abilities, and beer making.
Mugwort was used in ancient times for preserving beer and providing a bitter taste.
The plant has been documented in Roman associations and the nine herb charm in the 10th century.
Mugwort was believed to have protective properties against poison, infection, and other threats.
Healing properties of the herb Waloo against poison, infections, and harmful creatures.
The herb is believed to fight pain and infections, with instructions on preparing a paste and charm for healing.
Specific charm involves singing over herbs and applying a salve to wounds.
The nine-wart spell reflects traditional folk magic practices in the British Isles.
Although not recommended for modern use, the herb is utilized for medicinal purposes in traditional practices.
Mugwort's historical use in modern witchcraft and magic.
Mugwort is utilized by famous magical practitioners for scrying, divination, and fortune-telling, enhancing psychic abilities, entering meditative states, and communicating with spirits.
Caution advised when using mugwort due to potential interactions with medical conditions and medications, not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding individuals.
It is recommended to use mugwort occasionally and consult with a medical professional before consuming it.
Uses of Mugwort in Divination
Mugwort can be consumed before meditation or burned during the process to aid in divination.
It can be used in various ways such as on altars, in bags with divination tools, as a spray, or essential oil.
Washing divination tools with mugwort infusion can enhance their energy.
Mugwort can aid in dream magic, including psychic premonitions and lucid dreaming.
Benefits of using herbs like mug wart, lavender, and chamomile in a pillow for relaxation and better sleep.
Herbs such as mug wart, lavender, and chamomile have calming properties that aid in stress relief.
Making a herb-filled pillow involves sewing or using fabric fusing tape, depending on personal skill level.
The pillow can be customized in size and made with different materials like fabric scraps or felt.
The goal is to create a pouch that holds the chosen herbs for a calming and restful night's sleep.
Creating a magical dream bag with herbs to enhance psychic abilities and dreams.
The bag can be filled with herbs like mugwort, chamomile, and lavender and placed under a pillow or bed, hung on a bed frame, or placed on a bedside table.
The mixture of herbs can aid in achieving deeper sleep and lead to gaining psychic knowledge from deities, spirits, or one's own abilities.
Emphasizes the connection between sleep and the psychic world, recommending protections in bedrooms to prevent negative influences.
Uses of Mugwort in Modern Witchcraft.
Mugwort is a safer alternative to toxic flying ointments and should not be recreated due to potential dangers.
It can be used in various forms like infused oil or incense to aid in spiritual practices such as astral projection.
Overuse of mugwort is advised against as it can lead to long-term issues.
Mugwort is also utilized for cleansing and protection purposes by burning it as incense to remove stagnant energy and enhance psychic abilities.
Ways to use mugwort for spiritual and energetic protection.
Mugwort can be infused into baths, used in oils, sprays, or blends, and placed in bottles or lockets for personal protection.
Believed to shield against unwanted spirits, energies, and harm, aiding in travel and absorbing negative energies.
Can be carried for remote protection or placed in items representing loved ones.
Importance of using the right quantities of essential oils and being cautious with painted crystal balls to avoid damaging them.
Creating a protective pouch using herbs and items for various purposes.
Dried herbs like mug wart, nettle, rowanberries, and oak can be used for psychic protection, deterrence against harm, and protection from Earthbound spirits.
Different protection symbols like bind runes, sigils, and pentacles can be added to the pouch for specific intentions.
Encouragement to be creative in choosing and using herbs and symbols based on personal intuition and needs.
Creating a protective charm bag using items like a petition, sigil, obsidian, and clear quartz.
The bag is charged with energy and carried for protection, with the option to recharge it monthly.
Working with the spirit of mugwort is emphasized, allowing for a deeper connection and potential familiar bond.
Personal connections with individual plants or collective plant energies are explored.
Suggestions on nurturing and interacting with plants to enhance magical practices are provided.
Connecting with plant spirits through dreams and tools like dream journals, cards, and images is essential.
Plant spirits can be utilized in spellwork, rituals, divination, and astral projection.
Caution is advised when working with plants like mugwort due to potentially dangerous active ingredients.
Precautions include wearing gloves, avoiding skin contact, consulting a doctor, and using small quantities.
Despite the risks, plant spirits can offer valuable information and knowledge when approached carefully.
Herbal history of mugwort
The speaker discusses the various uses and regional differences of mugwort.
Viewers are invited to share their experiences with mugwort and suggest other plants of interest.
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