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🌛 Making A Scrying Mirror🌜Witchy Crafts

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The video demonstrates how to create a DIY scrying mirror using a picture frame, black paint, and mugwort. The process involves separating the glass, painting the back black, and adding decorative elements for a witchy aesthetic. Tips on painting and customization are shared, highlighting the creativity and resourcefulness required. Despite challenges with paint drying, the creator achieves a reflective quality in the finished mirror. The mirror can be personalized with symbols and words for divination and connecting with spirits. Overall, the video encourages viewers to enjoy the process of making magical tools and emphasizes the accessibility of crafting at a low cost.

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📊 Transcript
Creating a DIY Scrying Mirror with Affordable Materials.
The segment emphasizes the cost-effectiveness of making a scrying mirror using a picture frame, black paint, and mugwort.
Viewers can customize the size and design of their scrying mirror by repurposing a glass and wood picture frame.
The narrator shares personal insights on societal pressures around hobbies and the satisfaction of crafting a magical tool.
The segment highlights the accessibility and creativity involved in making a scrying mirror at a low cost.
Crafting a witchy mirror with glass and a frame.
Emphasis on safety when working with glass due to its potential for cutting.
Plan to paint the back of the mirror black for a reflective surface.
Adding decorative elements to the frame for a witchy aesthetic, with a black frame and gold lettering.
Acknowledgment of imperfections in the work as it is a mockup.
Tips for Painting a Frame with Gold and Black Acrylic Paint.
The creator suggests using Mod Podge to secure the frame and using different brushes for painting.
Starting with the gold interior allows for easy coverage of mistakes.
Diluting paint with water and applying multiple coats is recommended for a polished finish.
Due to limited craft supplies, the process may involve trial and error, highlighting the importance of creativity and resourcefulness.
The process of painting a wooden photo frame and mirror.
The frame is made of solid wood to provide a sturdy base for painting.
The mirror becomes reflective when painted.
Longer drying times are needed for the old paint used, causing delays.
Symbols are to be drawn around the frame for added detail.
Creating a scrying mirror involves adding a glossy coat and inserting glass into a frame.
Mugwort is used as a traditional element in the practice, despite its clumping nature.
Challenges were faced with old acrylic paint not drying properly, causing delays.
The finished mirror is reflective and of high quality, leading to satisfaction.
The mirror will be cleaned before final presentation.
Creating a scrying mirror using a cheap picture frame, acrylic paint, and fine brush.
Personalize the mirror with symbols and words in Theban for a symbolic and mystical effect.
Use decoupage or gold pens for steady hands when creating the mirror.
The mirror can be used for divination, connecting with spirits, and working with ancestors by placing sigils and petitions between the glass and backing.
Serve as a portal for specific communication and can be a budget-friendly option for beginners.
Creating Divination Tools:
Importance of protection and personal comfort when crafting magical tools.
Speaker shares their experience and enjoyment in making a magical tool, encouraging viewers to do the same.
Mention of potential future content and invitation for support through Patreon.
Conclusion with well wishes and encouragement for viewers' magical practices.