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Understanding the Material Design type system | Google Design Tutorials

Google Design2020-08-12
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The video explores typography in material design, covering font pairing, custom type scales, and consistency in layouts. It highlights choosing typefaces that align with brand identity, offering stylistic options for a compelling look. The material type scale includes 13 styles for different applications. Viewers learn how to apply typography to Material components and customize them using a custom type scale, with resources for creating custom typography. The importance of exploring typography guidance on material.io and subscribing for more design tutorials is emphasized.

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Typography in material design.
Pairing fonts from Google's catalog and creating a custom type scale are key components of typography in material design.
Consistency across layouts is important in maintaining a cohesive design aesthetic.
Choosing a typeface that aligns with brand identity is crucial for creating a compelling look.
Material type scale offers 13 reusable styles for various applications, from headlines to body text, and can be customized for a unique design.
Customizing typography through type scale parts and new typefaces.
Demonstrates cascading updates in the theme and provides resources for custom typography using Material type scale.
Plugging in any typeface allows for obtaining values applicable in code or design tools like Figma.
Encourages viewers to explore typography guidance on material.io.
Subscribe for more design tutorials and inspiration.