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SPAN LA 2016: Behind-The-Scenes with Vitsoe's Tommy Dobrzynski

Google Design2017-02-23
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Dieter Rams' design philosophy from the 70s focuses on creating innovative and long-lasting designs to combat fast fashion and excess consumption. The philosophy prioritizes quality and longevity over constant newness, aiming to enhance the user's experience and add value through better design principles.

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The 10 principles of design philosophy developed by Dieter Rams in the 70s focused on combating fast fashion and excess consumption.
The philosophy prioritizes creating innovative designs that last longer and improve people's lives with less.
The company aims to provide furniture as a service, prioritizing quality and longevity over constant newness.
The philosophy emphasizes better design over simply creating new products, aligning with the idea of producing items that add value and enhance the user's experience.