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Introduction to Product Inclusion & Equity

Google Design2023-05-22
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Google emphasizes the importance of inclusive design in product development to address barriers and prioritize marginalized voices, leading to better user experiences and innovation. Technology should be adaptable to users' needs, driving progress and creating more equitable futures.

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Google emphasizes Pride, inclusion, and equity in product development.
Prioritizing marginalized voices in product development is crucial for building equity and belonging.
Technology should be adaptable to users' evolving needs, rather than users adapting to technology.
Investing in technology that solves community-derived design problems can benefit both business and people.
Addressing underserved communities can lead to improved product design and expanded market audiences.
Importance of inclusive design in improving user experiences, innovation, and product quality by considering diverse user needs and constraints.
Touchscreen technology was developed to accommodate Wayne Westerman's carpal tunnel condition, emphasizing the need to address barriers to technology access.
Incorporating inclusion and equity practices in product development enhances innovation and expands solutions.
Continuous questioning of exclusion in design is crucial to ensure equal access for all users.
Google emphasizes the ongoing journey towards progress and creating more just futures through technology.