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Google UX + Design Leadership: Margaret Lee

Google Design2018-11-13
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The video features speakers sharing personal stories of leadership, family history, authenticity, and diversity in the workplace. They emphasize the importance of embracing one's heritage, overcoming challenges, and valuing diverse perspectives to create inclusive team cultures. The speakers advocate for authenticity, courage, and resilience in leadership, challenging traditional notions and promoting a shift towards more inclusive and diverse work environments. The narrative highlights the impact of recognizing unique qualities in individuals, embracing multifaceted identities, and actively listening to diverse perspectives for personal growth and team effectiveness.

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Margaret Lee reflects on her journey as a reluctant leader, influenced by her father's courageous story as a stowaway.
Her father's experiences shaped her leadership qualities and redefined her perspective on leadership.
The story of her father's bravery and hope had a profound impact on her, emphasizing courage and resilience in leadership.
Despite feeling reluctant initially, Margaret embraces her heritage and experiences to lead fearlessly and with determination.
Speaker reflects on family history and importance of sharing stories with children.
Family faced hard times and instilled strong work ethic through extra work brought home.
Grandmother, mother, and stepmother worked hard to make ends meet, with everyone pitching in for perfection.
Chinese restaurants open on Christmas as a major business day for speaker's family.
The speaker discusses duality in his life and the importance of authenticity.
He grew up in a segregated culture, feeling different and adapting to different social settings.
The metaphor of 'back of the house' and 'front of the house' personas is used to reflect on wearing different masks in various environments.
The speaker advocates for bringing one's whole self forward in all situations.
He shares his mentoring experiences and emphasizes the importance of being true to oneself.
Struggles faced by women in maintaining authenticity at work.
Importance of diversity and inclusion beyond fixed demographics.
Conflict between personal qualities and workplace expectations.
Balancing humility at home with leadership roles at work.
Speaker's personal experience navigating challenges and finding harmony between authentic self and professional expectations.
Importance of diversity and inclusivity in the workplace.
Challenge traditional notions of leadership.
Embrace discomfort, invite inclusivity, and value diverse perspectives.
Emphasize the need for conscious effort to shift mindset and behaviors.
Create a more inclusive work culture.
Importance of culture fit and embracing diversity of thought.
Emphasis on listening to learn before jumping to solutions.
Example of a 'listening lunch' where female leaders address challenges in a male-dominated environment.
Struggle to resist immediate urge to fix issues, promoting development of listening without judgment.
Value of inclusive team cultures and power of actively listening to diverse perspectives.
Early recognition of leadership qualities in Sophie by Miss Judy.
Sophie's defiance and independent spirit were noted as indicators of leadership potential.
Challenging stereotypes about children's behavior and leadership.
Emphasizing the importance of recognizing unique qualities in individuals for their development and success.
Importance of recognizing people's multifaceted natures and embracing diversity within teams.
Understanding individuals beyond their job roles can bring a wider range of perspectives and skills to teams.
Embracing inclusivity and forming complementary dynamics among team members can lead to more creative solutions and effective team dynamics.
Recognizing and valuing diverse possibilities within a team can amplify the overall impact and effectiveness of the team's work.
The impact of diversity and personal identity on life's journey.
Personal photos are shared to illustrate the importance of individual contributions and legacies.
Embracing one's whole self and identity enriches experiences and creates a meaningful impact.
The message emphasizes the significance of diversity and personal authenticity in all aspects of life.
The speaker expresses gratitude for sharing such a powerful message.
Credits for the episode go to Brian Gordon for recording and editing and Barbara Eldridge for production, with artwork by Skip Hirsch.
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