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Google IxD: Interview with Rita DeRaedt (Method Podcast, Ep 2)

Google Design2017-10-10
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The video features Rita Gerry discussing the redesign of Google Voice, highlighting the user experience enhancements. The speaker shares their journey into design, from self-teaching digital art to freelancing and pursuing a college program. They emphasize the importance of collaboration, feedback, and setting deadlines in design work. The focus is on improving user engagement and brand identity for Google Voice. The speaker also shares personal advice and highlights the Google Design newsletter for design enthusiasts.

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Google Voice service to undergo redesign.
The redesign aims to bring the service up to material standards and enhance user experience.
Rita Gerry, a designer at Google Voice, has been on the team for two months and at Google for a year and a half after starting as an intern.
Gerry shares a memorable experience of getting coffee with Sergey as an intern, showcasing her journey at Google.
The speaker shares their journey into design, starting with self-teaching digital art and progressing to using software like Photoshop.
They discuss a humorous interaction involving a koala comparison while trying to schedule a meeting with a colleague.
Despite challenges faced, the speaker's friends and family were supportive of their design passion.
The speaker discovered crowdsourcing through an article, which influenced their design journey.
Overall, the speaker's passion for design led them to pursue learning and improvement in the field.
Early start in freelance design and transition to web development.
Self-taught web development and design, engaging in crowdsourcing projects for skill enhancement.
Pursuit of college classes during high school and strategic choice of college program in visual communication technology.
Graduated from Bowling Green State University in Ohio after accumulating credits from college classes during high school.
Homeschooling experience and its impact on career success.
Homeschooling instilled a self-teaching mindset and confidence in the individual.
Success in the design industry was attributed to being homeschooled, as it motivated them to pursue awards and recognition.
Sending out their work and getting involved in the industry led to recognition in a London-based magazine and an opportunity from the BBC.
The self-driven nature of homeschooling encouraged the individual to seek out new opportunities and stay inspired in their career.
The speaker discusses their journey into creating tech tutorials for kids and how it evolved into a larger project.
They talk about being sent to CES as a reporter for a side project, showcasing their willingness to take on challenging situations.
The speaker shares their design weakness of getting too absorbed in specific use cases and spending excessive time on problems.
They emphasize the value of seeking feedback, staying humble, and avoiding stagnation, recommending collaboration with others for increased productivity and happiness.
Importance of collaboration and feedback in design work.
Emphasis on framing questions for constructive feedback and showing empathy towards those providing feedback.
Struggle with deadlines and self-imposed structures highlighted.
Speaker finds motivation and productivity under pressure.
Acknowledgment of the need for deadlines to stay focused and produce quality work, despite initial reluctance.
Importance of setting deadlines and making decisions in taking action.
Google Voice features provide users control over phone number and communication preferences.
Passion for working on products helping people disconnect from technology.
Challenges and growth experienced while working on the Google Earth team.
Reflection on learning process and satisfaction of being in a creative design space.
Challenges related to brand identity and onboarding for Google Voice.
Importance of clear and focused design to enhance user experience.
Difficulty of creating a brand persona and need to simplify screens to guide users effectively.
Focus on improving user engagement and reducing drop-off rates by streamlining the onboarding process.
Making each screen purposeful and user-friendly to enhance the user experience.
Importance of concise and illustrative design in user interfaces.
Users in India rely on images for guidance in user interfaces.
Emphasis on clear and concise copy to prevent user confusion.
Personal advice shared about not doubting abilities and seizing opportunities.
Speaker's experience with a spur-of-the-moment decision to apply for a Google internship.
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