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Design Is [Dreaming] : Curiosity and innovation

Google Design2019-11-21
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Kevin Bethune discusses the power of dreaming, self-discovery, and innovation in shaping the future, emphasizing the importance of multidisciplinary teams and ethical considerations. He shares his personal journey, from working in the nuclear industry to becoming a designer at Nike, and starting his own company. Bethune advises on balancing a day job with pursuing creative work, leveraging strengths, effective communication, and collaborating with diverse voices to create a better future. The video encourages reflection, community building, and pursuing education aligned with personal dreams and curiosities to unlock human potential and address societal needs.

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The power of dreaming and its role in shaping the future.
Bethune discusses tools and processes for enterprises to develop new capabilities for disruption and innovation.
Introspection and exploration of personal dreams and journeys are encouraged.
Attendees are prompted to reflect on their dreams and write them down, stressing the importance of asking impactful questions regularly.
The talk, titled 'Design is Dreaming,' inspires individuals to imagine their potential impact on society.
Speaker's early creative interests in drawing and pursuit of mechanical engineering.
Speaker's experience in the nuclear industry, focusing on problem-solving and learning opportunities.
Intense working environment with open reactor vessels and the importance of water as a shielding agent.
Description of the eerie glow of fuel during refueling and the dangerous nature of work in a militaristic setting.
Challenges of maintaining a reactor and the importance of critical path scheduling.
High cost of downtime and the speaker's role in supervising refurbishment and upgrades to extend the plant's lifespan.
Dangerous nature of the work due to radiation exposure and the speaker's reflection on their experience.
Speaker's interest in business sparked by their experience and pursuit of an MBA.
Decision to join Nike for diverse opportunities combining strategy, technology, and creativity.
Started in corporate planning group, then moved to global footwear product engine.
Importance of taking on stretch assignments to build trust and relationships within the company.
Introduced digital tool sets to streamline product creation process, moving away from traditional analog methods.
Focus on optimizing operational and financial performance while aligning with lean manufacturing philosophies.
Emphasized value of seeking out opportunities for growth and innovation within a corporate environment.
The designer's journey in creating shoes, using 3D tools, and focusing on the final product experience.
The process involved creating multiple samples and collaborating with offshore partners.
Transitioning to 3D tools helped streamline the design process, saving time and costs.
Breaking into footwear design with the Jordan brand, under the mentorship of Dwayne Edwards, was a significant experience for the designer.
Merging two iconic shoe designs and navigating the Jordan brand's creative process presented unique challenges for the designer.
Success in designing mainstream mid-top and premium high top shoes led to more opportunities at Nike.
The rise of mobile technologies and a focus on design was changing the world outside of Nike.
The designer expressed gratitude for the chances given and reflected on personal growth.
The decision to pursue deeper design work beyond just shoes was a significant career choice.
Pursuing creative skills at Art Center College of Design.
The speaker shares the transformative experience of being accepted into the program and relocating to LA with family support.
Reflecting on the diverse cohort of students at Art Center, including those from non-traditional backgrounds like marketing and medicine.
The program emphasizes combining industrial design with entrepreneurship to create impactful ventures and new innovations.
Focus on desirability, viability, and feasibility in the development of projects.
Transitioning from freelancing to working with large companies.
Importance of integrating disciplines from the start to accelerate vision and product development.
Approach focused on building offerings quickly, learning from the market, and creating value for clients.
Establishment of BCG Digital Ventures as a new venture platform within the management consulting group.
Team of 'makers' brought a unique perspective to the traditional consulting environment, leading to strategic innovations and successful collaborations.
Creating spaces for multidisciplinary teams to work effectively.
Emphasizes the importance of allowing experts to thrive in their areas and problem-solving modalities.
BCG's unique approach to problem-solving and challenges of bringing together different disciplines.
Traditional business disciplines dominate enterprise management.
Need for familiarity with emerging technologies like blockchain and deep learning.
Importance of Design in Large Enterprises.
Design often misunderstood as the final step in the value chain within large companies.
Educating and advocating for the value of design is essential for securing a strategic position.
Building community, trust, and providing evidence can help design play a crucial role in venture team success and corporate partnerships.
Leveraging assets, brand alignment, and multidisciplinary teaming offer unique advantages for innovation and market engagement.
Creation of e-scooter sharing platform Coup through multidisciplinary team collaboration.
Users can easily pair with scooters using a normal driver's license and park on sidewalks legally for urban mobility.
Successful business venture operated independently with stakeholders benefiting financially.
Speaker's role as vice president of strategic design involved managing creative navigation and collaborating with designers to satisfy unmet market needs.
Designers were empowered to identify transformative solutions and work effectively within the multidisciplinary team.
Importance of creating new utility for users to enhance their experience naturally, without forcing solutions.
Designers must help users navigate through the abundance of information to find what is relevant to them.
Elevating the promise of a brand and changing how users feel about it can lead to increased engagement and loyalty.
Collaboration and teaming are essential for future innovation, with different vantage points like people, industry, trends, and exemplars guiding the way.
Engaging with people directly and co-creating collaboratively is crucial for understanding their needs and creating meaningful solutions.
Importance of in-depth research techniques for designing the right research approach.
Emphasis on understanding people's attitudes, motivations, behaviors, and aspirations through methods like shop alongs, generative exercises, and shadowing experts.
Distilling value criteria to determine what each constituent in the ecosystem truly cares about.
Significance of providing value in return for data in the mobile tech world.
Balancing give and get dynamics with stakeholders.
Evolution of human value criteria in relation to data privacy.
Importance of questioning industry norms and constraints to foster disruption and innovation.
Introduction of the impact canvas concept, which considers broader implications of business decisions.
Encouragement to ask more questions ethically and strategically to provoke disruption and navigate change proactively.
Inspiration to challenge existing models and pursue dreams in navigating changes in the industry.
The importance of customization and personalization in products for customers.
Disruptive technologies like 3D printing enable cost-effective production of customized items.
Trends in technology such as machine learning and connected hardware are highlighted at events like CES.
The need to consider the human impact and context of technological advancements.
The STEEPE+ acronym emphasizes a holistic approach to trend analysis across different sectors for effective problem-solving.
The innovation cycle involves excitement, trial, adoption, maturation, and retirement for new offerings.
Different industries have varying innovation cycles, with tech evolving every six months and sectors like chemicals or insurance taking years.
Timing is crucial for successful innovations, requiring a focus on forecasting future trends and imagining diverse possibilities.
Designers should expand their imagination to consider science fiction-like scenarios and create new canvases for experiences.
Cross-pollinating trend vectors can help generate new ideas and future scenarios for industries like healthcare.
The importance of future imagination and creating multiple future worlds through exercises like provoking 30 future worlds with a leadership group.
Envisioning and preparing for an uncertain future by investing in capabilities today is crucial.
Following exemplars like luminaries and research groups to synthesize compelling vectors of change is valuable.
Design thinking plays a significant role in guiding multidisciplinary teams through creative processes to discover opportunities and ideate.
Starting an Innovation Opportunity
Emphasizes the need for new sources of growth and profitability in innovation.
Stresses the importance of balancing innovation with sustaining the core business.
Highlights the flow of ideas between innovation and the core business.
Reflects on challenges in leading a team of designers and the importance of empathy and guiding principles in product design.
Importance of experiencing others' realities and tapping into philosophical concepts like flow in design.
Consideration of the full breadth of ingredients when designing to address latent market frictions.
Insights on designing for human sensory experiences.
Journey of leaving a job to start a company called Dreams Design and Life, focusing on dreams, design, and life in design process.
Emphasis on problem-solving, collaboration, and slow business development.
Focus on working with the right people and taking a deliberate approach to business growth.
Introduction of KEEVO, a blockchain venture for secure cryptocurrency transactions.
Challenges with current devices and development of a new device with multi-factor authentication and carbon key storage.
Goal of simplifying processes and providing a secure solution for crypto asset management.
Highlights of a Crypto Investing Platform
The platform aims to be user-friendly and secure, providing beneficiary services for passing on assets, extensive coin support, and cold storage.
Importance of curiosity, taking calculated risks, and following one's convictions in career choices is emphasized.
Viewers are encouraged to dream, revisit their goals, and shape their own future.
The message emphasizes the unique value of each individual's contribution and the need for diverse voices to create a better future, countering negative media narratives with optimism and personal empowerment.
Importance of dreaming and self-reflection in shaping a better future.
Emphasizes focusing on self-discovery, love, health, unity, creativity, and other meaningful aspects of life.
Technology and artifacts can empower and connect individuals.
Encourages scaling down consumption, prioritizing essential needs, and freeing oneself to love, create, and help others.
Calls to work together towards creating a more humane and enriching world that unlocks people's potential.
Kevin Bethune emphasizes the importance of addressing ethical implications and broader societal needs in technological innovations.
He advocates for multidisciplinary teams to tackle ethical questions and establish new guiding principles.
Bethune encourages courage in challenging situations and emphasizes the importance of evidence-building for thoughtful solutions.
He highlights the value of taking the time to slow down in fast-paced environments to allow for better answers to emerge.
Audience members are inspired by Bethune's story and ask about pursuing creative projects and starting a YouTube channel.
Balancing a day job with pursuing creative work.
Making small investments in personal growth and experimentation is crucial for success.
Avoid getting too caught up in corporate culture and remember to maintain individuality and follow personal passions.
Utilize current employment as a platform for growth and development.
Effective leadership plays a key role in driving positive change within companies.
Importance of Reflecting and Creating Evidence for Positive Influence
Emphasizes the power of real evidence and calling out truths to drive change.
Strategy involves creating mini movements and garnering support to address concerns effectively.
Leading from the bottom up can initiate a movement that grows with allies.
Problem-solving at a peer level, regardless of titles, can evoke new systems and better solutions through collaboration and challenge.
Importance of focusing on deep strengths in a team.
Leveraging external communities and industry practices for problem-solving is beneficial.
Balancing urgency and importance in creative work is significant.
Prioritizing tasks that drive success for clients and business is crucial.
Saying no to less important tasks and aligning efforts towards high-impact activities maintains effectiveness.
Importance of effective communication in a startup environment.
70% of time in the workforce is spent on communication, emphasizing the need to be an influential voice in meetings.
Convictions are highlighted as a guide for decision-making, stressing the significance of being decisive and focused in communication.
An audience member expresses concerns about being a new designer in a team with more experienced individuals.
Advice is sought on how to navigate this dynamic in the workplace.
Importance of Finding Communities of Designers in Legacy Situations.
Emphasis on being a voracious learner and staying informed about market friction.
Debate on formal education, cautioning against blindly following peers and suggesting a shift from traditional progression.
Mentors advise against outdated approaches in the field of design.
Emphasizing the importance of education aligning with personal dreams and curiosities for future success.
Pursuing education that empowers personal growth and aligns with envisioned future goals is crucial.
Navigating life realities with gratitude and compassion while sharing generously.
Desiring a future that celebrates human connection, community, and human potential.
Vision for an inclusive, diverse, and equal society that prioritizes what makes us truly human.