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You're not stupid: How to learn difficult things with Obsidian

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Obsidian is a free writing app that transforms learning by interconnecting notes in a network, enhancing understanding and memory. It mimics the brain's way of processing information. It stores data on the user's machine in plain text files for privacy, with features like syncing and plugins. The video promotes starting with the basics and gradually exploring advanced features. Brilliant.org is recommended for interactive learning in math, science, and data analysis through practical exercises and challenges.

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Obsidian app revolutionizes learning with interconnected notes.
Traditional note-taking isolates ideas, but Obsidian creates a network of knowledge.
The network effect mirrors brain function, boosting understanding and memory.
Summarizing and linking information leads to deeper comprehension.
Obsidian is ideal for enhancing learning workflows through simplicity and interconnected thoughts.
Obsidian is a note-taking tool that prioritizes privacy by storing data on the user's machine in plain text files.
It offers features like syncing with mobile phones and exploring plugins for customization.
The speaker recommends starting with the basics of Obsidian and gradually exploring more advanced features.
The video also promotes Brilliant.org as a platform for interactive learning in math, science, and data analysis.
Emphasizes the benefits of hands-on learning through practical exercises and challenges offered on Brilliant.org.