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Get Wisdom LIVE - Creator Discusses the Five Selves of Every Human

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The video discusses the concept of the five selves within humans, the teachings of Jesus on the mind, and the importance of communication with the divine realm. It highlights the subconscious mind's influence on prayers, the need for sincere intentions in prayer, and the impact of the higher self on energy regulation. The segment also addresses the limitations of science in solving human challenges, emphasizing the role of empowered prayer and the Lightworker Healing Protocol in healing karmic trauma. It concludes by encouraging humanity to actively seek solutions and partner with the divine for positive outcomes and personal growth.

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The concept of the five selves within every human being is discussed in the segment.
The five selves include the conscious and subconscious selves, as well as the higher self, deep subconscious, and cellular consciousness.
Understanding the five selves is crucial for addressing inner conflicts that impact emotional, mental, and physical health.
The information is based on the work of researcher Max Freedom Long, who studied the Huna religion of Hawaii and the Polynesian islands.
Long's writings reveal spiritual mysteries and emphasize the triune spiritual structure of humans, comprising the low self, middle self, and high self.
The teachings of Jesus Christ on the mind were deeper than recorded in scriptures due to ancient handling and mistranslations.
Different levels of the mind have their own consciousness and can communicate with each other.
The high self acts as an intuitive guide, overseeing experiences.
The deep subconscious, with strong intuitive abilities, can signal danger based on past experiences.
Recognizing and accessing the divine link within oneself is crucial for guidance and intuition.
The power of the deep subconscious in controlling the physical body and causing tension, anxiety, and fear.
The importance of recognizing the levels of the mind as functionally separate for achieving self-mastery and alignment.
Inner tension and conflict within oneself can lead to emotional and physical health issues.
Consciousness is portrayed as being outside the body, interacting with it through the brain, which acts as a receiver for consciousness like a TV set.
According to Jesus, telepathy is a tool of the subconscious self to transmit prayers to the super conscious or higher self for miracles.
Communication with the divine realm is described as a whisper that can be intuitively understood.
Clear messages are not always received due to stress and outside sources of stimulation.
Prayers are heard by the higher self, creator, spirit guides, and guardian angels.
Making appeals to religious figures like Jesus or Mohammed means they handle the request, while appealing to God allows for greater power to enact change.
It is advised to include both the higher self and creator in appeals for the best outcomes.
Importance of seeking divine help for addressing karmic trauma.
Emphasizes need for divine intervention for both small and significant issues.
Prayers are heard directly by higher self and the creator, without subconscious as intermediary.
Human limitations affect communication with entities like angels and guides.
Conscious self plays a role in prayer by forming thought forms and directing energy towards higher self.
The Power of the Subconscious Mind in Prayer.
The subconscious mind can initiate prayers and connect with the divine on its own.
Different levels of the mind engage with the collective consciousness during prayer.
Effective prayers are customized with precise instructions for the divine realm.
Clarity of intention is crucial when praying to manifest desired results.
Influence of subconscious mind on prayers and beliefs.
Dark attachments and external programming can influence the subconscious mind, causing internal conflict.
Technologies like screens can alter beliefs and emotions on a subconscious level, leading to competing interests.
Holding onto faulty beliefs despite evidence can result in brainwashing and a mix of truth and untruth in individuals.
The impact of dark spirit attachments on the subconscious mind.
Dark spirit attachments can lead to conflicting messages and inner turmoil within individuals.
Negative beliefs about God can create barriers to divine connection, even for devout religious individuals.
The importance of honoring all intentions, including subconscious fears, which can hinder manifestations.
Wrestling with these issues is viewed as a healing opportunity and a pathway to true enlightenment.
Importance of understanding how the subconscious can affect prayers and ways to improve outcomes.
Missionaries criticized for praying without proper preparation and breath, leading to the nickname 'breathless ones'.
Emphasis on using breath to enhance prayers with energy and intention.
Huna teachings suggest physical maneuvers can empower prayers by increasing energy and concentration.
Total focus on intentions is crucial for the effectiveness of prayers.
Importance of sincere and heartfelt prayers.
Deep human intention behind prayers leads to more effective divine response.
Verbalizing prayers aloud intensifies intention and impact.
Various methods suggested to enhance desire for divine intervention.
Genuine care and intention highlighted as significant in prayer.
Importance of Effective Prayers
Praying with full heart, mind, and soul can make prayers more effective.
Regular prayer can help build a relationship with the divine, increasing power in prayer.
Divine alignment through prayer can protect from negative influences.
Most individuals are on the path to enlightenment and healing inner vulnerabilities.
Importance of Healing Strategies for Subconscious Bullying and Anxiety.
The subconscious can cause severe bullying and anxiety symptoms without the person's awareness.
Engaging in effective healing strategies like the Lightworker Healing Protocol can strengthen defenses and heal karmic trauma.
Concentration and presence in the moment are crucial for utilizing these healing methods.
Vital force energy from the physical world is necessary for the higher self to perform miracles in the physical realm, highlighting the importance of energy exchange between higher and lower selves.
The role of the higher self in regulating energy for the physical body.
The higher self receives energy from the divine realm through the soul, not from the physical level.
During sleep, the higher self is responsible for body maintenance, repair, and memory consolidation.
Trivial matters are released during sleep by the higher self.
The higher self has more control over energy sources and applications than the physical body.
The power of the subconscious mind and the influence of the higher self in connecting humans to the divine realm.
The kahunas interpret Christ's crucifixion as a result of self-righteousness, pride, and influence from evil spirits.
Negative karmic buildup and dark spirit attachments are discussed as factors affecting individuals at the end of life.
Human aspects of Christ in facing his fate.
Emphasizes courage and faith despite knowing consequences.
Christ portrayed as vulnerable and suffering, making his sacrifice noble.
Differentiated from superhuman, depicted as human interacting with divine.
Actions reflect hope, courage, and acceptance leading to noble sacrifice.
Limitations of science and medicine in addressing threats and challenges faced by humanity.
Emphasis on the need for divine help to overcome difficulties, attributing human instability to manipulation by dark spirits and extraterrestrial forces.
Importance of empowered prayer and the lightworker healing protocol in combating negativity and promoting effective healing.
Highlighting a comprehensive approach to address various sources of human suffering and karmic potentials.
The importance of the Light Worker Healing Protocol in saving and healing humanity.
Collective intention and specific instructions for divine intervention are essential components of the protocol.
Past prayers have been ineffective due to their vagueness, but now there is a shift towards actively seeking solutions.
The perspective on prayer changes from subservience to empowerment, emphasizing the need for humanity to stand up, serve the divine, and make tangible improvements in the world.
Empowering Humanity through Divine Partnership
The video emphasizes the concept of directing the divine and partnering with God to solve problems and employ divine wisdom effectively.
Humanity is urged to step into power, reflect on heritage, and grow through learning, similar to a mature teacher empowering a young child.
The learning curve is deemed crucial for the revival of humanity and maintaining the balance of existence.
Farewell message from the speaker.
The speaker expresses gratitude towards the audience for their support.
Wishes the audience well in their future endeavors.
Encourages viewers to continue engaging with the content.