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DRAM Cuts Down A Christmas Tree & Discusses His Next Career Moves | IRL

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In a candid interview, Diddy discusses his passion for Christmas, the release of his holiday EP, and the significance of family and music in his life. He also reflects on his upbringing, the absence of his father, and the challenges he faced, emphasizing the role of music as an outlet and a way to tell his story. Diddy expresses his gratitude for his success and is excited about his future music projects.

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Diddy talks about his Christmas traditions and the importance of giving back.
Diddy's family worked hard to ensure enjoyable Christmases.
He mentions the tradition of giving out trees.
Diddy emphasizes the significance of love and enjoyment during the Christmas season.
Diddy discusses his music and the personal significance of his Christmas song.
He talks about the process of choosing a big Christmas tree.
Diddy expresses his love for giving gifts and the personal significance of his holiday song.
Diddy's mother is a gospel singer, and he values the spiritual aspect of Christmas.
Diddy reflects on the changing music industry and the release of his album.
He discusses the unorthodox move of releasing his album with the deluxe version at a different time.
Diddy talks about the impact of the crazy spring and summer on the music he made.
The song "Daddy" part two is special to Diddy as it shows a vulnerable side of him.
He shares a personal story about his biological father who has never been in his life.
Diddy talks about his relationship with his father and the impact of his music.
Diddy's biological uncle was into music and stayed in Atlanta.
Diddy's father had to go to China for a couple of months, which affected Diddy.
In 2015, someone named Michael Jenkins popped up, wanting to have a relationship, after Diddy's music had become popular.
Diddy realizes that he didn't care about his father's absence until it was too late.
Diddy discusses his upcoming projects and the importance of approaching sensitive topics in a digestible manner.
He mentions working on a project with Wi-Fi's Funeral and a collaboration with HM.
Diddy emphasizes the importance of approaching sensitive topics in a digestible manner.
He talks about the spread of love through music.
Diddy expresses his desire for people to know that he is here to stay in the music industry.