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23 AI Tools You Won't Believe are Free

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In this video, the creator shares the best free AI tools for various use cases, including Luma Labs for creating interactive 3D scenes from videos, Google Earth Studio for creating custom videos with Earth imagery, and Perplexity and Scite for research and learning purposes. These tools offer robust free plans with advanced features and capabilities. The video discusses various AI tools for music and visual content creation, including Skillshare for learning, Suo for generating songs from text, MusicGen for creating music, and tools like Text Effects, Looom, Insta3D, and Pabs for visual animation and manipulation. These tools offer creative and innovative ways to generate content using artificial intelligence. The video is a tutorial on using various AI tools for image and video editing, including tools for upscaling, image generation, and text-to-image conversion. It showcases platforms such as CapCut, Replicate, Upscale, Illusion Diffusion, and various text-to-image generators like DALL·E, Image GPT, and Stable Diffusion. These tools allow for creating and enhancing visual content using AI, and the video provides examples and demonstrations of their capabilities. The video demonstrates the use of AI tools such as RunwayML's Pika and Playground to create an animated composite image of a frog playing a fiddle, which is then incorporated into a music video featuring futuristic frog cyborgs. The video promotes FuturePedia as a resource for staying updated on AI tools and techniques.

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The video showcases the best free AI tools for different use cases, including Luma Labs for creating interactive 3D scenes and Google Earth Studio for zooming between locations.
Luma Labs allows users to turn videos into interactive 3D scenes using neural Radiance Fields or Nerfs.
The interactive scenes have a small file size and can be used in various industries, as well as for creative purposes.
Google Earth Studio is a free tool for zooming in or between locations on Earth, with presets for quick movements and options to fine-tune the speed and angles.
Luma Labs has a new release called Genie, which is a free text to 3D model tool.
Genie can generate 3D models from text prompts, with high quality and fast results.
Users can access Genie in the Luma Discord server.
Perplexity is a fine-tuned chat GPT that provides instant and concise answers from up-to-date information across the web.
It is an interactive search assistant that is useful for productivity and learning.
Perplexity's free version offers robust features, with a pro version available.
Siace is another tool for finding and understanding research papers, geared towards students and researchers.
Google's new search generative experience offers experimental features like text to image and AI-generated summaries.
The tool provides concise summaries with sources for search queries, and the ability to generate images.
It can be turned on in the Google settings and has additional options for coding and AI in sheets.
Google also added the ability to generate images from text prompts, with the option to ask follow-up questions and make edits.
The sponsor Skillshare is mentioned as a platform for learning various skills, with the example of using it to improve video editing.
The speaker used a course on Skillshare to enhance video editing skills, which helped in growing the channel to over 100,000 subscribers.
Skillshare offers a variety of courses for photography, Photoshop, illustration, coding, and more.
Skillshare is sponsoring the video, offering the first 500 people a free month of membership.
Skillshare offers a wide range of courses on entrepreneurship, social media marketing, productivity, and other niche topics.
Courses on Skillshare follow a learn by doing approach with actionable projects and feedback.
Sponsored by Skillshare for helping create the channel.
Introduces two music generation tools: Suo for generating songs with instruments and vocals, and Music Gen for generating music under different genres.
Suo can generate a song with instruments and vocals just from writing a topic, operated within Discord.
Music Gen, released by Meta, generates music under different genres but without vocals.
Another feature of Music Gen is the ability to create a song based on a provided melody.
AI-generated music is advancing rapidly, with the possibility of people listening to music fully generated by AI in the near future.
Suo and Music Gen are examples of AI-generated music tools.
Google and Lupe Fiasco have developed AI tools to assist with lyric writing in a collaborative way.
Google and Lupe Fiasco have developed a suite of AI tools for text and language, including generating similes, creating acronyms, and parsing words.
These tools are free and aim to involve the artist in the lyric writing process.
Lupix is an easy way to animate images with sliders for customization and an advanced editor for more control.
Users receive 60 credits when they join, with the option to export in Full Resolution costing 20 credits.
Lupix offers unlimited free exports in 720p.
Insta 3D by Lumin AI makes images even more immersive with the ability to upload depth maps for 3D effects.
Research from Meta allows for easy animation of children's drawings, with the option to upload any character with separate and visible limbs.
The tool is designed for animating children's drawings but can be used for other characters.
Different animations are available to choose from, and the background can be keyed out for overlaying on another image.
CapCut has AI tools for video editing, including a video upscaler to convert 720p videos to 1080p.
CapCut offers a variety of AI tools under the magic tools tab.
The video upscaler in CapCut can upscale videos by 2x, which is useful for converting 720p videos to 1080p.
The video upscaler in CapCut is free to use with no mention of usage limits.
Replicate and upscale.org are free tools for upscaling and image restoration.
Replicate offers image upscaling under super resolution with different models for varying needs.
Replicate also provides image restoration tools for touching up old photos, colorizing black and white photos, and deblurring.
Upscale spelled with a y.org is free open-source software for batch upscaling with multiple options for different types of upscaling.
Illusion diffusion is a style that can be used for free to create cool effects like Spirals and Illusions.
Illusion diffusion was originally trained to make QR codes and Spirals.
Users can adjust the illusion strength to impact the image.
Illusion diffusion can also be used for brand promo videos using logos.
Text to image generators offer a variety of options with different pros and cons.
Ideogram is great for text-based designs, logos, and illustrations.
DALL·E 3 is good with text and allows for specific prompts.
Google sge is a completely free option for generating images.
Stable diffusion is a powerful but technical tool for image generation, while playground AI offers a more user-friendly platform with 500 free generations per day.
Stable diffusion is open source and can be installed locally for free, but it's not beginner-friendly.
Playground AI is a canvas-based platform with a full workspace for creating, offering 500 free generations per day.
Playground AI allows users to choose styles and adjust prompts for image generation.
The artist creates a composite image of a frog playing a fiddle and a singer using the Generation and Eraser tools.
The artist merges the two images using the Generation tool.
They use the Eraser tool to remove a weird robot-looking thing from the combined image.
Next, the background is removed using the Remove Background option.
The artist then drags the image of the singer onto the composite shot and makes it look nice by cropping off the bottom.
The artist animates the composite image with Pika and decides to create a music video featuring frog cyborgs.
The composite image animated with Pika is considered to have too much going on.
The artist plans to animate other images and add a song for the frog cyborg music video.
The topic for the music video is 'frog cyborg.'
The artist mentions using the tools Playground, Pika, and Tum for the music video.
A futuristic song is showcased for the frog cyborg music video, and viewers are directed to futurepedia.io for the latest AI tools.
A futuristic song with techno and rock elements is played for the frog cyborg music video.
Viewers are encouraged to visit futurepedia.io for the latest AI tools, as the field of AI moves fast and the website is constantly updated.
The website offers various filters to find the best tool for specific needs.
Viewers can also subscribe to the newsletter for tool updates and tips.
💫 FAQs about This YouTube Video

1. What is Luma Labs and what can it do?

Luma Labs is a free AI tool that can turn a video on your phone into a fully interactive 3D scene using Neural Radiance Fields. It also offers a feature called Interactive Scenes for embedding or sharing the 3D scenes.

2. What is Google Earth Studio and how is it used?

Google Earth Studio is a free tool that allows users to create custom videos with the ability to zoom in or zoom between locations on Earth. It offers presets for quick usage and allows fine-tuning of camera movements.

3. How does Perplexity work and what can it be used for?

Perplexity is an interactive search assistant powered by fine-tuned chat GPT. It provides instant and concise answers by browsing the web across multiple sources. It can also display images and has a free version with robust features.

4. What is SiaSearch and how can it help with research?

SiaSearch is a tool to find, learn, and understand any research paper. It provides insights from top research papers and allows users to chat with the AI about the answers received. It is completely free and offers additional features for writing.

5. What is the new search generative experience by Google and what feature does it recently add?

The new search generative experience by Google is an experimental feature that provides concise summaries of answers with sources. It now includes the ability for text to image generation, allowing users to generate images based on their search queries.

6. What is Skillshare and how does it work?

Skillshare is an online learning community with thousands of classes on various topics such as entrepreneurship, social media marketing, and productivity. The platform offers a 'learn by doing' approach with actionable courses and projects for skill development.

7. How does the S//O AI tool generate songs?

The S//O AI tool can generate songs with instruments and vocals based on a written topic. By using the Discord server and the Chirp command, users can submit their own lyrics or topics for the AI to create a song.

8. What is Music Gen and how does it work?

Music Gen, developed by Meta, is a tool that generates music across different genres. It can create music without vocals and offers various ways to customize the sound, making it a fun and free tool for music creation.

9. How does Insta3D by Lumin AI work?

Insta3D by Lumin AI allows users to easily turn 2D images into immersive 3D scenes. By uploading an image and its depth map, users can explore and customize the 3D scene, adding depth and dimension to their creations.

10. What is Pabs and how is it used for generating videos?

Pabs is a tool within Discord that can be used to generate videos from text prompts. Users can create animated videos by providing a prompt and customizing parameters such as frame rate and aspect ratio, offering a simple and convenient way to generate video content.

11. What are the key features of CapCut's AI tools mentioned in the video?

CapCut's AI tools include image to video generation, video upscaling, image upscaling and restoration, and AI art generation, offering a wide range of creative possibilities.

12. How does Replicate AI contribute to image upscaling and restoration?

Replicate AI offers a full suite of image restoration and upscaling tools, providing options for enhancing and upscaling images with features like super resolution and image deblurring.

13. What is the free video upscaler mentioned in the video, and what are its capabilities?

The video introduces a free video upscaler in CapCut that can upscale videos by 2x, making it perfect for enhancing the quality of 720p videos to 1080p without any mention of usage limits.

14. What AI art generation tools are showcased in the video, and how do they enhance creativity?

The video presents AI art generation tools that can create various artistic effects and styles, such as image to video generation, illusion diffusion, and text-to-image generation, allowing for diverse and innovative artistic expression.

15. What are the benefits of using Upscale.org for image upscaling, as mentioned in the video?

Upscale.org is highlighted as a free open-source software for image upscaling, offering multiple upscaling options and models for different image enhancement needs, making it a valuable tool for enhancing image quality.

16. What are some of the key features of the AI tools demonstrated in the video?

The AI tools demonstrated in the video include Playground, Pika, and Tumult's Hype 4, which are used to create a fast and easy composite shot, animate images, and produce a music video featuring a frog cyborg band.

17. How can Futurepedia.io help in staying up to date with the latest AI tools?

Futurepedia.io can help in staying up to date with the latest AI tools by providing constant updates and various filters to find the best tool for specific needs.

18. What is the process for animating images using the AI tools showcased in the video?

The process for animating images using the AI tools showcased in the video involves using Playground, Pika, and Tumult's Hype 4 to bring the images to life and create a music video featuring a frog cyborg band.

19. What are the unique capabilities of Playground, Pika, and Tumult's Hype 4 in creating visual content?

Playground, Pika, and Tumult's Hype 4 offer unique capabilities for creating visual content, including fast and easy composite shot creation, image animation, and music video production.

20. How can the AI tools demonstrated in the video be used to enhance creative projects?

The AI tools demonstrated in the video can be used to enhance creative projects by allowing for fast and easy creation of composite shots, image animation, and music video production, as showcased in the video featuring a frog cyborg band.