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Journaling - How I Track My Long Term Quality Of Life In Obsidian

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The video discusses the importance of journaling in Obsidian, covering templates, tags, aliases, and plugins like dataview and periodic nodes. It emphasizes automating the journaling process for consistency and reflection, with practical insights on maintaining a consistent practice. The speaker demonstrates how to use emojis, customize note headers, and optimize workflow with tools like Alfred. The focus is on weekly journaling, organizing notes effectively, and utilizing plugins for better note organization. The video also covers creating new notes, automating table updates with dataview queries, and customization options for a visually pleasing journaling experience.

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📊 Transcript
Importance of journaling in Obsidian and essential plugins.
Configuring templates and creating a weekly note template in Obsidian.
Benefits of weekly journaling for consistency and reflection.
Emphasis on automating journaling process to reduce friction.
Significance of yaml header in templates and practical insights for maintaining a consistent journaling practice.
Effective organization of notes using tags and aliases in Obsidian.
Using aliases for easy searching and customizing note headers with emojis.
Streamlining workflow on a Mac with Alfred productivity tool and alternatives for Windows users.
Utilizing the emoji plugin in Obsidian for better note organization.
Accessing the emoji toolbar and configuring the calendar plugin settings for enhanced productivity.
Highlights of using the Periodic Notes plugin with daily or periodic notes plugins.
The calendar plugin's functionality is being deprecated in favor of Periodic Notes.
Demonstrates enabling week numbers, creating new notes, adjusting words per dot, and organizing notes into subfolders.
Focus on weekly notes, with templates and folder configurations explained.
Showcases creating a weekly journal entry, filling in YAML headers, and utilizing the natural language dates plugin for accurate dating.
Customizing notes and tables in Notion.
Creating a new note with a specific color and automating table updates with dataview queries.
Organizing data view tables manually and adding different headers for further customization.
Utilizing separate pages for yearly reviews and reliving past moments for better organization.
Considering small screens or text-heavy content in aliases for optimal viewing experience.
Adjusting trimming settings in the minimal theme with the companion app called the minimal theme settings.
Toggling off the trim data view columns adds an extra line and more space for a better look.
The video hints at more content to enjoy.
The video ends with a thank you and goodbye message.