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Intro to the Enneagram || What are the 9 Personality Types?

Frank James2020-04-21
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The Enneagram of personality consists of nine types, each with unique struggles and desires that shape behavior. Understanding these types can aid in self-development and growth, as they are theorized to develop in childhood due to trauma. The types include The Perfectionist, The Helper, The Performer, The Artist, The Thinker, The Loyalist, The Enthusiast, The Challenger, and The Peacemaker, each driven by core fears and desires. Recommended books on Enneagram types are suggested for further exploration.

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Overview of the Enneagram of personality and its nine types.
Each type has a central struggle and desire that influences behavior, developed in childhood due to trauma.
Understanding these types aids in personal development and growth, without relying on tests for identification.
Type One, The Perfectionist, embodies traits of orderliness, ethics, and judgmental tendencies driven by a fear of being bad.
Knowledge of these personality types can offer valuable insight into one's own behaviors and motivations.
Discussion of Enneagram personality types and their unique motivations and fears.
The Helper seeks love and validation by giving to others.
The Performer craves success and attention to feel fulfilled.
The Artist showcases their unique identity through their talents.
The Thinker desires to understand the world conceptually but struggles with practical tasks.
The Loyalist values loyalty and security, forming strong bonds but also experiencing anxiety.
Overview of Enneagram personality types seven, eight, and nine.
Type seven is described as cheerful and quick learners but tend to overdo things due to fear of missing out.
Type eight is characterized by being energetic, wilful, and combative with a fear of being controlled.
Type nine, The Peacemaker, is easy-going but struggles with conflict avoidance and losing relationships.
Recommended books on Enneagram personality types are provided for further reading.