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Macron gives speech at Omaha Beach • FRANCE 24 English

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80 years ago, Allied forces defied Hitler's defenses and launched a successful D-Day operation with over 150,000 men landing in Normandy. Soldiers from various countries displayed courage and determination, fighting against Nazi tyranny. The efforts of resistance fighters and the Red Army led to the liberation of Paris and the eventual capitulation of Germany. The importance of unity, reconciliation, and upholding freedom is emphasized, with a call to remember sacrifices made in war and continue the fight for freedom worldwide.

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Commemorating the 80th anniversary of the D-Day invasion during WWII.
Over 150,000 men bravely invaded enemy territory despite harsh conditions and Hitler's defenses.
The French Resistance's contribution was crucial in stealing plans for the Normandy Coast fortifications.
Eisenhower's orders led to the historic D-Day operation, with 20,000 paratroopers making a significant impact.
The operation marked a turning point in WWII, highlighting the resilience and determination of Allied forces.
The bravery and sacrifice of soldiers on D-Day.
Soldiers from different countries united to fight against Nazi tyranny.
Despite language barriers and uniform differences, they shared a common goal of freeing Europe.
Young men as young as 17 or 18 displayed courage and determination in the face of intense gunfire.
The sacrifices made by these soldiers were honored and remembered, highlighting the impact of their actions on history.
Efforts and sacrifices during World War II for freedom and liberation.
Allied forces, resistance fighters, and the Red Army played key roles in the liberation efforts.
Liberation of Paris, Leon, Metz, and Strasbourg marked significant victories.
Capitulation of Germany and Berlin in May 1945 symbolized the end of the war.
Rebuilding of Europe focused on peace, friendship, forgiveness, and defense of democratic values.
Reflection on Unity and Sacrifice
Story of a German paratrooper turned French citizen symbolizing reconciliation.
Importance of remembering sacrifices made during war and upholding freedom.
Solidarity with the Ukrainian people and the ongoing struggle for freedom, equality, and fraternity worldwide.