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US Senate releases text for long-awaited border bill

Fox News2024-02-05
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The video discusses the release of the text of the Senate's long-awaited border bill, which is 370 pages long and includes provisions related to border security and immigration. The Senate Majority Leader plans to take a procedural step for a test vote, but it remains uncertain if the bill will receive the necessary 60 votes. There is also opposition from both liberal and conservative members of Congress.

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The Senate has released a 370-page border bill, with a test vote planned for Wednesday.
The Senate Majority Leader, Chuck Schumer, plans to take a procedural step for a test vote on Wednesday.
There is a teleconference scheduled with Schumer and Patty Murray to go through the details of the bill.
One point of contention is the potential for the border to shut down if a high number of people are let in.
Passing the bill in the Senate may be challenging, as it requires at least 60 votes.
There is opposition to the bill from both liberals and some Democrats and Republicans in the House.