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Inside US Most Feared $345 Million Aircraft Launched from Aircraft Carrier at Sea

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The video discusses the Northrup Grumman E2 Hawkeye, an Airborne Early Warning aircraft with advanced radar capabilities and foldable wings. It highlights the E2's role in coordinating aircraft movements and battlefield awareness. The Boeing P8 Poseidon is also mentioned as a key asset for maritime security. The evolution of anti-submarine warfare tactics, including the use of sonar and sono buoys, is explored. A notable incident involving an E2 Hawkeye's arresting cable is recounted, showcasing the crew's quick thinking.

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Overview of the Northrup Grumman E2 Hawkeye.
The E2 Hawkeye is designed to extend the detection range of aircraft carriers and other vessels.
It serves as a flying command and control center during engagements, enhancing battlefield awareness.
The E2 crew includes a pilot, co-pilot, radar officer, and control officers.
The latest version, the E2D Advanced Hawkeye, introduced in 2010, includes advancements like an APY-9 radar with electronic scanning and aerial refueling capabilities.
Overview of E2 Hawkeye and Boeing P8 Poseidon aircraft.
E2 Hawkeye provides real-time enemy movement insight from a safe altitude but faced a dangerous incident in 2016 when its arresting cable snapped during landing.
Crew's quick actions prevented a disaster during the E2 Hawkeye incident, earning them recognition.
Boeing P8 Poseidon is a surveillance aircraft designed for maritime missions with advanced sensors and weapons for anti-submarine warfare.
P8 Poseidon has become a crucial asset for the US Navy and allies in maintaining maritime security.
Evolution of anti-submarine warfare tactics and technologies.
Sonar is the primary tool for detecting submarines.
Submarines are effective hunters of other submarines due to less interference in the underwater environment.
Aircraft use sono buoys with hydrophones to detect underwater sounds and anomalies.