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They made React great again?

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ReactJS team introduced a new compiler to simplify code and improve developer experience, already in use for Instagram. Features like use memo and use callback are now obsolete with the new compiler, aiming to eliminate complex code. Additional features include server actions, 'use' hook for promises, and improved data handling. Despite React's advancements, there is a call for a unified framework in the browser. The changes aim to enhance developer experience and streamline web application development.

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ReactJS team announced a new compiler for performance enhancements and simplified code.
The new compiler is already being used for Instagram, promising improved developer experience.
Frameworks like Vue and Svelte offer simplified code due to having a compiler, unlike React which is runtime-based.
Features like use memo and use callback become obsolete with the new compiler, eliminating complex code and memoization decisions.
React team's decision to remove these features has sparked skepticism but may lead to intentional design choices for future improvements.
Highlights of React's New Features
React introduces server actions and a 'use' hook for promises and context, enhancing data handling and UI updates.
The use of suspense and error boundaries aids in managing loading and error states efficiently.
Major frameworks are becoming more alike, leading to a push for a unified browser framework to streamline development.
These changes in React aim to improve developer experience and simplify web application development.