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Last Epoch 1.0 Beginner Guide - Tips I Wish I Knew Before Playing in 2024

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"Last Epoch is an ARPG game with 5 classes and 15 masteries, each offering unique playstyles and abilities. Players must choose a permanent mastery but can reallocate points for experimentation. Over 120 customizable skills with skill trees are available, emphasizing the importance of selecting skills that align with play style. Crafting with apix shards improves item stats, with RNG affecting upgrades. Runes of removal and Discovery are essential for crafting success. Constructing a functional loot filter is crucial for managing items and improving gameplay experience, especially at higher levels."

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Overview of Last Epoch gameplay and character customization.
Players must choose a mastery for their class, which is permanent but mastery points can be reallocated in town for a fee.
There are 5 classes and 15 masteries with unique playstyles and abilities.
Skills are crucial for character builds, with each mastery offering a signature skill and passive bonuses.
Choosing the right mastery is essential for optimizing gameplay in Last Epoch.
Last Epoch offers over 120 fully customizable unique skills with full skill trees, allowing players to choose from around 20 skills per Mastery.
Players can allocate points in their base class tree and Mastery tree to unlock skills.
Specializing skills through dropping them into slots grants access to unique skill trees for customization.
Each class has access to skills from different archetypes, emphasizing the importance of selecting skills that align with play style.
Choosing skills that conflict with play style can hinder gameplay, as seen with Primelist class balancing melee and spell focus.
Crafting is a key element of the game, involving acquiring apix shards to enhance item stats and values.
Forging potential is depleted when crafting with items, and RNG determines upgrades, with luck impacting the highest possible stats.
The crafting system always improves items, making it beneficial for players of all character levels to participate.
Runes of shattering can be acquired from drops or vendors, allowing players to shatter items for apix shards.
A Rune of removal is available for high-tier apix items, enabling the removal of a desired shard without destroying the item.
Importance of using Runes of removal and Discovery in crafting in Last Epoch.
Pairing Rune of removal with a glyph of Hope preserves forging potential and extracts shards for more stats on items.
Runes of Discovery can fill out empty affixes without consuming forging potential, making items more useful and upgradeable.
Last Epoch's loot filter effectively manages item clutter and improves gameplay experience for players of different classes and levels.
Tips for constructing a functional loot filter in the game.
Highlight useful item subtypes and stats, focusing on shattering and removal of rare stats for higher character levels and steady gold income.
Mention very rare stats like element penetration and build-defining defensive stats.
More advanced levels may require dedicated guides.
Thank viewers for watching and leave room for further player tips and comments.