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How to Build Your Own Beauty Pedestal

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The video discusses embracing personal beauty and confidence through cultural beauty rituals, self-expression, and unique beauty preferences. It emphasizes the importance of self-love, creativity, and individuality in beauty routines to boost self-esteem and confidence. By exploring diverse beauty identities and embracing unconventional beauty choices, individuals can express themselves authentically and challenge societal beauty standards, leading to a deeper connection with oneself and increased self-appreciation. The speaker encourages viewers to prioritize self-care, explore new beauty hobbies, and share their unique aesthetic preferences for further discussion.

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Embracing personal beauty and confidence through ethnic background and beauty rituals.
Incorporating beauty practices from African, European, and Indigenous cultures into daily routines, such as using black castor oil and tribal print jewelry.
Recognizing and celebrating one's heritage through beauty rituals can cultivate a sense of pretty privilege and self-confidence.
Embracing makeup as a tool for self-expression and self-love.
Makeup can be used to enhance one's unique features and boost self-esteem.
Experimenting with different looks is a form of empowerment and personal expression.
Beauty should be viewed as a creative outlet rather than seeking external validation.
Understanding beauty psychology goes beyond surface-level appearances.
Embracing one's ethnic background, body type, and unique features to feel beautiful from within.
Internalizing beauty compliments and celebrating one's heritage through appearance can enhance visibility and self-confidence.
Advocating for self-empowerment and autonomy over one's beauty standards.
Acknowledging that not everyone may connect with their ethnic background in the same way.
Emphasizing the significance of self-love and acceptance in cultivating personal beauty.
Embracing Unique Beauty Preferences
The speaker supports self-expression and embracing a wide range of beauty preferences, including natural and surgical enhancements.
Fantasy Personas
They enjoy embodying fantasy personas like mermaids and fairies, stressing the significance of inner satisfaction and imagination in beauty routines.
Fluid Beauty Identity
The speaker advocates for a fluid beauty identity, experimenting with looks inspired by princesses, ballerinas, and other fantasy characters.
Creative Self-Expression
Beauty is seen as a form of creative self-expression, allowing the speaker to fulfill childhood dreams and make their inner child happy.
Embracing Fluid Beauty Identities
Importance of imagination and creativity in personal style is emphasized.
Value of experimenting with different looks and embracing abstract beauty is highlighted.
Drawing inspiration from sources like Bridgerton and Alice in Wonderland is encouraged.
Individuals are encouraged to break free from traditional beauty standards and explore unique color schemes and themes to express their personal style.
Emphasizing the importance of viewing beauty as a way to have fun and not as a strict standard.
By treating oneself like a princess, others are more likely to treat them the same way.
Incorporating abstract inspirations like mythical creatures into one's beauty routine, such as wearing a sparkly anklet for a beachy aesthetic or using frosted eyeshadow for an angelic look.
These unique beauty choices come from within and help build a personal 'pretty girl pedestal' free from toxic beauty standards.
Embracing Unique Beauty Standards
Childhood experiences suppressed attraction to dark femininity, leading to embracing personal beauty preferences.
Self-expression through black lipstick, nail polish, and wigs is emphasized, creating a personal beauty pedestal.
Encouragement for abstract thinking about beauty, free from societal pressures and body standards.
Fun challenges like themed outfit days are suggested to inspire creativity and self-confidence.
Embracing Fall Beauty Trends for Enhancing Natural Beauty.
Drawing inspiration from fall colors like burnt orange and caramel for makeup and hair styling.
Encouraging women to celebrate their uniqueness and embrace their natural beauty.
Using cultural head wraps as a way to feel beautiful and unique, regardless of societal beauty standards.
Embracing diversity and individuality in beauty.
Pretty privilege is debunked, as there are countless ways to embody beauty.
Cultivating an abundance mindset is essential in appreciating beauty in everyday life.
Beauty is diverse, with various shades and styles that emphasize personal expression and self-confidence.
Embracing natural beauty and finding joy in the process is highlighted in various beauty hacks and hobbies.
Experimenting with skincare and haircare routines is encouraged to boost confidence.
The speaker shares personal experiences to emphasize the fun and playful aspect of beauty maintenance.
Exploring new beauty hobbies is suggested as a way to boost self-esteem and feel beautiful inside and out.
Beauty hobbies for self-care and beautification contribute to living a 'soft life'.
Pretty privilege is believed to stem from the effort and self-care involved in maintaining beauty.
Self-care activities like nail, hair, and skin care are seen as ways to beautify oneself and require time and focus.
The 'soft life' is a state of mind associated with self-care and focusing on personal beauty.
Embracing nerdy aspects and self-expression.
Cultivating a 'beauty pedestal' through simple activities like cutting t-shirts into crop tops.
Prioritizing mental health, especially for women of color, by embracing beauty and self-expression.
Living a 'soft life' and moving away from a constant state of struggle.
Using beauty as a tool to overcome suppression and increase mental well-being.
Pretty privilege involves using beauty to express suppressed aspects of oneself and challenge societal norms.
Individuals combat jealousy and manifest identity by dressing elegantly and embracing beauty as a form of empowerment.
Society's beauty standards influence how individuals perceive and react to certain colors, such as associating them with skin tones.
Personal experiences of colorist comments can lead to internalized biases and impact self-expression, like avoiding the color yellow.
By making aesthetic choices, individuals can build confidence and challenge societal norms through embracing beauty.
Limitations and standards imposed on beauty and personal experiences of feeling restricted by societal norms.
The speaker discusses being told not to wear certain colors or styles due to ethnicity or skin tone.
Personal experiences of wanting to try black lipstick but feeling restricted by societal norms.
The concept of modesty in clothing influenced by religious background is explored.
The speaker expresses a desire to break free from constraints to express their desired beauty identity.
Embracing small beauty risks can boost confidence and self-appreciation.
Self-love and creative expression through beauty are highlighted as forms of art.
Unique beauty identities and being authentic can lead to positive treatment and improved self-esteem.
Beauty is presented as a tool for healing past traumas and connecting with oneself on a deeper level.
Embracing unique hairstyles and makeup looks to address insecurities and express individuality.
'Pretty privilege' is the concept of receiving compliments to boost confidence.
Wearing uncommon outfits or styling choices, such as a $5 dress, can lead to positive feedback.
Emphasizing the importance of embracing personal style and beauty to stand out and receive recognition.
Nails, hair, and makeup skills can contribute to pretty privilege and self-confidence.
Importance of affirming personal beauty and self-worth through small actions.
Drawing inspiration from Disney characters and feeling like a princess with long hair.
Using beauty as an escape from struggles and insecurities.
Emphasizing the significance of micro validations in boosting confidence.
DIY clothes and small gestures as tools to combat feelings of inferiority and contribute to a positive self-image.
Importance of self-care and beauty hobbies for enhancing self-esteem and wellbeing.
Focusing on abundance and avoiding struggles can cultivate a carefree mindset.
Beauty activities like painting nails and doing makeup can bring joy and a sense of relaxation.
Embracing aesthetic preferences, such as ombre hair or princess-like dressing, can boost self-expression and confidence.
Viewers are encouraged to share their beauty hobbies and aesthetic preferences in the comments for further discussion.