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If you know these 15 Words, your English is AMAZING!

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The video introduces a vocabulary test with 15 words, offering a free PDF download with bonus words and exercises. It covers meanings and examples of words like 'reckon', 'core', and 'deliberate', emphasizing pronunciation. More advanced words like 'gaslight' and 'ableism' are discussed, along with the fear of not having a mobile phone (nomophobia). The speaker shares personal experiences and invites viewers to engage in interactive exercises for advanced English learning opportunities.

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Introduction to Vocabulary Test with Free PDF Download.
Viewers can access the PDF download with bonus words and interactive exercises by clicking a link or scanning a QR code, and receive weekly updates and course offers.
Meaning and examples of words like 'reckon', 'core', and 'deliberate' are discussed, with emphasis on pronunciation and usage nuances.
The word 'deliberate' is highlighted as a heteronym, with a verb form that differs in meaning.
The segment aims to improve vocabulary and understanding of English words through interactive exercises and explanations.
Explanation of the meanings and pronunciations of the words 'elsewhere', 'grab', 'urge', 'gig', 'cling'.
'Elsewhere' signifies moving to a different place, 'grab' denotes seizing something swiftly, 'urge' is a formal term implying a strong recommendation, 'gig' is a performance or job, and 'cling' means to hold on tightly.
The term 'clingy' carries a negative meaning, describing someone overly reliant on others.
The video transitions to discussing the more advanced word 'gabble'.
Definitions of Various Terms
Gaslight means manipulating someone's memory.
Ghost is used as a verb to describe suddenly stopping communication.
Finicky can mean being fussy or requiring attention to detail.
A situationship is a relationship status between friends and official dating.
Ableism refers to discrimination against disabled individuals.
Discussion on nomophobia and reducing phone usage.
The speaker shares personal experience with phone addiction.
Viewers are encouraged to participate in interactive exercises.
Joining a mailing list for advanced English learning opportunities is suggested.