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URGENT: Akashic Records REVEAL Channeled Message From ANCIENT GUIDES! (Thoth) | Eluña

Emilio Ortiz2024-05-18
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The video delves into the importance of connecting with sacred sites, past lives, and the akashic records for personal growth and understanding. Discussions on balancing wisdom and love, embracing feminine energy, and channeling messages from ancient civilizations like Atlantis and Lemuria are highlighted. The segment also explores the Atlantean school system, emphasizing learning through experiences and connecting with cosmic principles. The speaker reflects on their journey of self-discovery, emphasizing humility, gratitude, and envisioning a future of unity consciousness and leadership among younger generations. Ultimately, the video advocates for conscious choices, inner peace, and a harmonious timeline for humanity's future.

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Importance of connecting to sacred sites and megalithic structures for subtle energies and deep understandings.
Emphasis on experiencing ancient truths and wisdom through the heart rather than intellect.
Clearing the heart of distortion and ego layers is essential for human evolution.
Reflective prayer for purging negative thoughts and serving with love and reverence.
Excitement for an upcoming initiatic pilgrimage to Egypt and profound inner contemplation.
The speaker's journey of self-discovery and transformation from darkness to light.
Emphasizing the importance of learning through love rather than pain and breaking cycles of negativity.
Sharing the significance of the true name Alunia and living authentically.
Involvement of deep introspection, inner excavations, and finding beauty within darkness.
Highlighting the power of willpower and conscious decisions in shaping personal growth.
The speaker reflects on their experience as a Montessori guide, highlighting the challenges and rewards of working with children.
Children have the ability to bring out both the best and most insecure parts of a person, acting as a catalyst for spiritual growth.
The evolving nature of children today, hyperconnected through technology, requires adults to adapt and meet them with increasing complexity.
It is important to recognize the unique consciousness of modern children and the impact of the internet on collective awareness.
Importance of authenticity and transparency in transformation journey.
Emphasizes expressing oneself fully and seeking honest reflection from trusted individuals.
Speaker shares experience of connecting with priestesses from a previous life and accessing akashic records for guidance.
Akashic records described as a vibrational continuum of information available to everyone through connection to the quantum field.
Value of tapping into the vast vibrational library for personal growth and learning highlighted.
The speaker explores different ways of receiving information, including auditorily, visually, somatically, and energetically.
Their experience with the akashic records was affirmed by Debbie Solaris, validating their past lives and experiences.
This validation led to a deeper understanding of interpreting information and setting up a more receptive environment.
The speaker expresses curiosity in exploring historical mysteries like the pyramids and lost civilizations such as Atlantis and Lemuria.
Importance of self-understanding and exploring past lives for gaining perspective.
Speaker's background in psychospiritual training and being an Akashic Channeler for healing.
Challenges of integrating past experiences into present and balancing love and wisdom.
Reflection on balancing analytical thinking and emotional intelligence for effective service to others.
Importance of balancing wisdom and love in life.
Emphasis on focusing on intelligent love for understanding and service.
Mention of teachings from Jesus and Eastern traditions on compassion and intellectual concepts.
Highlighting the merging of perspectives for a beautiful outcome.
Personal journey of tapping into the heart through practices like meditation and body awareness for increased sensitivity and connection with subtle energies.
Challenges of going against societal norms in connecting with inner and cosmic worlds.
Emphasis on disciplines like avoiding media consumption and distractions to achieve higher connections.
Importance of listening to the body's needs before seeking higher consciousness or tapping into the akashic records.
Calming the nervous system is crucial for channeling beings and expanding spiritual experiences.
Interactions with initiates and scholars of hermetic teachings play a role in transmitting ancient wisdom.
Channeling experiences with unexpected beings led to a shift in mechanisms.
Guidance was received to remove egoic aspects for improved channeling.
The ego occasionally interrupts but is usually unhelpful in the process.
Surrendering is important to allow beings to communicate effectively, even when the ego feels uncomfortable.
The process of surrendering is viewed as a deeper life lesson.
Discussion on channeling messages and accessing the akashic records to learn about ancient civilizations like the land of chem and Atlantis.
Mention of a mistake made in Atlantis causing a rip in Consciousness, leading to the creation of a new civilization in chem for healing and reconciliation.
Emphasis on the need for tremendous healing to repair past actions of Atlantis.
Role of chem highlighted in the healing process.
Humanity is undergoing a reset to learn indigenous ways of connecting with Earth and Consciousness.
Cities aligned to stars can receive information from conscious Starlight beings.
Megalithic structures such as pyramids can be activated for spiritual evolution through the heart field.
Visiting sacred sites or megalithic structures deepens understanding of self and Consciousness through subtle energies.
This connection leads to a sense of remembering forgotten knowledge.
Importance of balancing masculine and feminine energies for unity consciousness.
Scholars of Atlantis discuss the consequences of an imbalance of power leading to a tearing of consciousness.
Emphasis on achieving a balance between willpower and feminine receptivity for understanding one's true nature.
The Creator is seen as the balance of all energies, highlighting the significance of harmonizing polarities.
Unity consciousness is achieved through embracing and balancing masculine and feminine forces.
The importance of the law of gender in affecting individuals, collectives, and the cosmos.
The reemergence of the feminine principle and the emphasis on receptivity and passive energy.
The necessity of balancing masculine and feminine principles for creating momentum and understanding through compassion and patience.
Understanding planetary alignments and celestial bodies' influences on humanity's evolution and consciousness.
The impact of sentient energies from celestial bodies on Earth's evolution and support for humanity.
Pressure from celestial bodies is causing humanity to seek numbing and distraction.
Each celestial body offers unique energy and lessons for humanity.
Higher awareness is necessary to fully understand and integrate these energies.
Humanity's willingness to persevere and explore their connection to the cosmos is emphasized.
Distractions and focus on the internal world hinder growth towards realizing full potential as a galactic civilization.
The importance of grief in developing compassion and understanding.
Grief is seen as a wound that leads to deeper compassion and empathy.
Shedding tears and tapping into sorrow is necessary for personal growth.
Choosing to sit in grief allows for understanding and learning without force.
Going within voluntarily shows readiness and willingness to learn and grow.
The rise of children with advanced cosmic perspective and truth-seeking nature is causing shifts in parenting and societal systems.
Star seeds and beings from beyond Earth are raising these children with openness and receptiveness.
The new generation is expected to create and adopt new systems beneficial for Earth's evolution and technological advancement.
Humanity is collectively making space for these children to usher in a new era of consciousness and Earth connection.
This will lead to a transformative future beyond current recognition.
Advocating for a timeline of peace, harmony, and increased consciousness for the future of humanity.
Encouraging younger generations to learn from the past, avoid repeating mistakes, and understand their interconnectedness with all beings.
Emphasizing the importance of inner peace for outer peace and seeing oneself as part of a larger cosmic design.
Promoting a future where humanity acts with discipline and willpower to create a harmonious and cohesive timeline.
Highlighting the potential for humanity to accelerate progress by making conscious choices and embracing change.
Unity and common goals existed in Atlantis, where cultures collaborated to enhance technology and skills for humanity.
The unity was not sustained, leading to a desire for reunification with heart and mind as one in the future.
Emphasis on fulfilling past legacies and appreciation for the audience.
The segment closes with expressions of gratitude and a message of love for future encounters.
Importance of understanding and following Dr. Joe Dispenza's meditations.
Consistently saying 'yes' while meditating helps train the subconscious mind to trust his voice.
Influence of Arcturian beings on spiritual integration and balancing of physical, mental, and emotional aspects.
Discovery of Arcturian technology in ancient structures like the sarcophagus, indicating advanced techniques beyond human capabilities.
Transformative power of aligning with Dr. Joe Dispenza's teachings.
Unique educational approach at the Atlantean school system focusing on learning through experiences rather than traditional methods.
Students participate in group activities centered around Universal and Cosmic principles, with occasional lectures and smaller group sessions.
The technology discussed includes laser-like tools capable of etching into stone, potentially for creating hieroglyphics in ancient Egypt.
The segment features a specific experience of a young boy named Monty who engaged in activities involving connecting with the consciousness of stones by standing on them.
Teaching children to connect with their environment in the schooling system.
Smaller group received one-on-one guidance focusing on manipulating elements like water.
Mentors emphasized balancing manipulation and cosmic laws, promoting harmony with surroundings.
Children learned to join consciousness with beings around them to understand themselves as part of the natural world.
The split between Atlantis and Lemuria was caused by the Atlanteans prioritizing willpower over consciousness.
This choice led to a fracturing of consciousness that impacted the entire planet.
The Atlanteans influenced global civilizations, causing a split in Lemurian civilization.
Efforts were made to bring Lemuria to their side, but Lemuria resisted, leading to conflict.
The grounding of some Lemurians in fear deepened the rift, resulting in a lack of unity and understanding among civilizations.
Lamia's refusal of an agreement with Atlantis led to war and destruction.
Lamian people were mostly destroyed by the Atlanteans, with some escaping to Hawaii.
The Lamians merged with the indigenous culture in Hawaii.
Beings from Atlantis appeared human-like with subtle differences, such as larger foreheads.
Mishka, a being from Atlantis, was noted for being sweet and unique.
Encounter with Unique Beings
Speaker describes meeting beings with unique physical features, such as a revered mantis being.
Transition to Ceremonial Practitioner
Speaker discusses shift from facilitating plant medicine ceremonies to holding initiation ceremonies for elders.
Reflections on YouTube Journey
Speaker reflects on launching themselves on YouTube, initial uncertainty about social media, and vision for the future.
Reflection on personal growth and journey through online engagement.
The speaker started by wanting to be a light in the dark but now focuses on reflecting light to others.
Goal is to help people see themselves truly and lead them to self-understanding.
Expresses gratitude and admiration for others in similar work.
Shares ways to connect for deeper engagement and potential collaboration.
Starting the day with gratitude, setting intentions, and recognizing personal magic.
Exploring the concept of the higher self guiding towards life's purpose and potential to lead others.
Reflecting on unity consciousness and envisioning younger generations taking on leadership roles with mentorship.
Suggesting leaving a time capsule for future leaders containing valuable tools, information, or messages.
Importance of imagination, creative play, and leaving contemplative questions for future leaders is emphasized.
Following one's true calling from the heart is highlighted as a source of answers and guidance.
Gratitude and appreciation for wisdom, love, and light are expressed towards guest Alunia Noel.
Call for feedback and potential future collaborations is made.
Conversation is described as joyful and impactful, with a desire to continue similar discussions in the future.