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Benzo Taper - Update - 7 Feb 2024

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In the video, Elijah provides an update on his benzodiazepine taper, sharing that he has made significant progress using a slow liquid microtaper method. He discusses the importance of symptom-based tapering, the potential benefits of transitioning from short-acting to long-acting benzodiazepines, and the need for open communication with a knowledgeable doctor. Elijah emphasizes the challenges of benzodiazepine withdrawal but encourages viewers to stay focused, be consistent, and give it time, offering support and resources for those going through a similar experience.

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Elijah provides an update on his benzo tapering process.
Elijah started at close to 25 milligrams of Valium and is now over 50-60% done with the taper.
He is using a slow liquid microtaper method, which has been a game-changer for him.
People on short-acting benzos like Ativan and Xanax may consider crossing over to a long half-life benzo like Valium.
Elijah's taper is symptom-based, and he adjusts his dose based on his symptoms.
Elijah discusses the mental aspect of tapering off benzos.
He mentions experiencing a second brain that tells lies and causes irrational fears.
Symptoms like monophobia and agoraphobia can be scary but taking it slow is important.
Tapering off benzos should not be rushed, and a patient-led approach is recommended.
Elijah encourages open communication with a doctor and offers assistance with tapering plans.
Some doctors may not be knowledgeable about benzos, so it's important to find a benzo-wise or addiction doctor.
Being open and proactive with your doctor about your tapering process is key.
Tapering off benzos takes time, and it's important to have a patient-led approach.
Elijah shares that his tapering process in 2022 has been smooth after stabilizing with an updose.
Tapering off benzos is not an overnight process and requires consistency and time.
Elijah encourages others to stay positive and focused, as they are not alone in this journey.