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STAR NATION NEWS Ep 22~ March 18 2024 #disclosure #galacticfederation #aliens #UFO #Valnek #Ea

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The video discusses beings in pods with ancient technology, plasmic beings in space, the Flower of Life symbol representing the Multiverse, and the great void between universes. It also covers the laws of physical space, communication with extraterrestrial beings, and the Earth US Air Force Space Program Colony's return to Earth. The evolution of Governor Valck's career in the Galactic Federation of World colony, the concept of love as a binding force, and the Moon's influence on Earth's tides and fertility are highlighted. Additionally, the Moon's role as a planetoid with facilities and an extraterrestrial entity powering the core Drive mechanism is explored.

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The connection between the moon of Earth and beings in pods with ancient technology and drive mechanisms.
Species in space exist as plasmic beings with the ability to interface with technology or inhabit solid avatars.
Nine Supreme beings serve as a link between the Source Creator and the created, residing in the great void between universes.
The Flower of Life symbol represents the Multiverse as multidimensional bubbles and connections between dimensions and universes, including wormholes and Stargates.
The great void is described as an Omni-existent space between bubbles in the Multiverse.
Various laws of physical space impact time perception, with gravity playing a significant role.
The O species from Andromeda communicate collectively through a spatial network.
David Adair's interaction with an extraterrestrial being named Pthm revealed a connection that transcends space and time.
Pthm warned Adair about a collective of plasmic consciousnesses heading towards the solar system.
Governor Valck shared news of the Aori government severing ties with the Sikar Empire while maintaining connections with the AL debr Fleet.
The Earth US Air Force Space Program Colony is preparing to depart Marat and return to Earth, signaling a change in secret space program activities.
Valck's career evolution from Earth colonies to governor in the Galactic Federation of World colony.
Valck's role involves overseeing a sensitive part of the Galaxy, showcasing diversity of existences and consciousness.
Time is depicted as a complex, non-linear cycle, requiring a shift in consciousness to understand fully.
Love is emphasized as the binding force in creation, connecting all things in the universe.
The essence of love as a mutual connection and shared frequency that binds hearts together in beauty and bliss.
Love is described as a one-way arrow into the heart of the recipient, creating an entanglement of frequencies.
Pain arises when there is a dissonance in this connection, leading to a disharmony of frequencies.
Understanding the mysteries of love requires personal experience and experiencing frequency entanglement.
The speaker reflects on the beauty of words and the transformation of a loving man into an immortal and Cosmic Alchemist.
The Moon has been worshipped for millennia due to its influence on Earth's tides and fluids.
Women's menstrual cycles are linked to the Moon's phases, influencing fertility.
Many women naturally synchronize with lunar cycles.
The Moon has been viewed as a symbol of femininity and fertility across cultures.
Before understanding its scientific role, people believed the Moon's light could affect crystals and energy on Earth.
The Moon as a Planetoid with Ancient Civilization Technology.
The Moon is a planetoid brought by ancient civilizations, hollowed out and filled with facilities and factories.
Discovery of a core center with teleport keys containing an extraterrestrial entity powering the core Drive mechanism.
The extraterrestrial being is an organic conscious entity working as the AI central computer of a ship, ready to release technology.
Emphasis on not worshiping the being as it has no influence on Earth, concluding with the importance of knowledge, sovereignty, and gratitude for the shared information.