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Eleanor Neale2020-12-22
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A true crime case in Phoenix, Arizona involves the brutal murder of Terry Neely by Angela Simpson, who tortured him for three days before dismembering and burning his body. Simpson showed no remorse in jailhouse interviews and believed certain individuals deserved death. Despite mental illness, she was charged with murder and sentenced to life in prison. The video also promotes a game called Small Town Murders.

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True crime case in Phoenix, Arizona involving a body found in a burnt garbage can.
Firefighters called to extinguish the fire discovered human remains.
Police investigate the suspicious death.
Content creator intrigued by killer's behavior in post-sentencing jailhouse interviews.
Video sponsored by game Small Town Murders, where players solve crime puzzles.
Terry Neely Murder Investigation Highlights
A dismembered and burnt body was found, making identification difficult.
The community was in fear and the church offered comfort.
Terry Neely had suffered blunt force head trauma, stab wounds, and strangulation.
Evidence suggested Terry had been tortured before his death, with some wounds healing.
Terry Neely found dead with nail in his brain and signs of strangulation.
Neely was a disabled man in a wheelchair, and police found no enemies or feuds with staff or residents at his care home.
Neely had left the care home three days before his body was found, with CCTV footage showing him leaving at 8pm on August 2nd.
Police had few leads in the investigation and were searching for Neely's missing wheelchair as a potential clue.
Angela Simpson confessed to murdering Terry Neely due to her belief that he was a snitch working with law enforcement.
Angela strongly believed in the street code and viewed snitches as deserving death.
Angela and Terry were acquaintances who shared commonalities such as drug use and past criminal activities.
Angela was still involved in criminal activities while Terry may have moved on from that lifestyle.
Angela's erratic behavior during police interviews ultimately led to her admitting to the murder.
Angela Simpson confesses to murdering Terry Neely after he bragged about being a snitch.
Police question the credibility of Angela's confession due to her mental state during the interview.
Angela has a history of violence and criminal activity.
Terry's abandoned motorized wheelchair was found near Angela's apartment, linking her to the crime.
Further investigation raises doubts about Angela's residence and credibility.
Angela M. Simpson's troubled life and criminal activities.
She faced challenges due to a difficult childhood and mental health issues, turning to drugs, crime, and sex work to support her addiction.
Despite having four children, she was unable to provide a stable environment for them.
In 2009, she confessed to the brutal murder and torture of Terry Neely after luring him to her apartment with promises of sex and drugs.
Her life was characterized by a cycle of prison, release, and reoffending.
Angela Simpson brutally tortured Terry Neely for three days in an apartment in Phoenix.
Simpson inflicted numerous injuries on Neely, including stabbing, burning, pulling teeth, hammering a nail into his skull, slicing his throat, and forcing him to watch his suffering in a mirror.
Neely, despite his disability, was unable to escape or fight back against the torture.
Simpson deprived Neely of basic necessities like food, water, and bathroom access, leading to repeated soiling.
The extreme violence and sadistic nature of the torture paint a disturbing picture of Simpson's heinous actions.
Angela Simpson murdered Terry Neely, dismembered his body, and set it on fire in a dumpster.
She confided in a friend named Cracker, who threatened a complex manager to keep silent.
Conspiracy theories about Cracker's involvement in the murder arose despite lack of evidence.
Angela was charged with first-degree murder, kidnapping, and body concealment, pleading guilty and receiving a life sentence plus 14 years.
Angela and Cracker had a history of committing armed robberies together, leading to speculation of their criminal partnership.
Angela Simpson gives a jailhouse interview detailing torture and murder of a man.
Simpson shows no remorse and finds the act rewarding, expressing regret only for not prolonging the victim's suffering.
The interviewer highlights the unusual nature of Simpson's crimes for a woman, typically seen in men.
Simpson's mental illness is mentioned, leading to speculation about her behavior during the interview.
Speculation on Interviewee's Behavior and Motives
Theories suggest she may be seeking attention or notoriety.
There is speculation that she could be fabricating stories for financial gain, potentially through media deals.
A brief emotional response is noted when her children are mentioned, hinting at a possible underlying reason for her actions.
The interviewee's credibility is scrutinized due to inconsistencies in her stories over time, raising doubts about the authenticity of her claims.
Angela Simpson displays lack of remorse and believes certain groups should be killed.
Simpson's inconsistent storytelling raises doubts about the truth of her claims.
Her behavior in interviews is unsettling, lacking sincerity or understanding.
She is portrayed as a dangerous individual who is better off behind bars for the safety of others.
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