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Massive floods force mass evacuations in China's Guangdong province | DW News

DW News2024-04-24
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Heavy rains in Guangdong Province, China have caused 4 deaths, over 100,000 evacuations, and economic losses. Climate change is a driving factor behind intense weather events. The government aims to reduce energy intensity, but challenges exist in meeting goals amidst a growing economy. Additionally, China is making progress in green policies, with insights provided on Hong Kong's efforts.

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Heavy rains in Guangdong Province, China causing deaths and evacuations.
Over 100,000 evacuations and economic losses due to extensive flooding.
Climate change recognized as a driving factor behind intense and unpredictable weather events.
Government setting targets to reduce energy intensity.
Concerns about meeting green energy transition goals amidst a slowing economy.
China has been implementing green policies to address environmental issues.
DW's bi Kong offers insights into the progress of green policies in Hong Kong.
The government in Hong Kong has been taking steps to reduce pollution and promote sustainability.
Renewable energy sources are being promoted to achieve a greener and more eco-friendly environment.
The efforts to implement green policies in China are crucial in combating climate change and protecting the environment.