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No More Waking Up To Pee at Night! | Dr. Steven Gundry

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The video addresses the issue of frequent nighttime urination in men due to an enlarged prostate, emphasizing the link to leaky gut and bacterial inflammation. Dietary changes, supplements, and lifestyle adjustments are recommended to improve prostate health. Tips for better sleep quality, including sleeping on the left side to prevent heartburn, are provided. Ignoring symptoms of an enlarged prostate can lead to kidney damage, stressing the importance of seeking medical help promptly. Women's bladder issues and the role of e.coli strains from factory farmed chicken are also discussed.

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Issues with frequent nighttime urination in men, often due to enlarged prostate gland.
Prevalence increases with age, affecting a high percentage of older men.
Symptoms include difficulty starting urination and incomplete bladder emptying.
Enlarged prostate not a normal part of aging, linked to leaky gut and bacterial inflammation.
Lifestyle changes can have a significant impact on prostate health.
Speaker shares experience of not having enlarged prostate and importance of diet.
Diet plays a key role in addressing leaky gut, suggested to check 'Gut Check' book or episode 164 for more information.
Supplements and foods recommended to help with enlarged prostate and leaky gut.
Women's issues with irritable bladder and UTIs discussed, linking e.coli strains from factory farmed chicken to bladder issues.
Overview of Bladder Health and Kidney Function
D-mannose prevents e.coli from causing UTIs by coating the bacteria.
Aquaporins in nightshades like potatoes can irritate the bladder, so removing them can help with bladder issues.
Foods like spinach, french fries, and tomatoes can trigger sensitivity in the bladder.
For patients with heart failure or leg swelling, fluid reabsorption from the feet and legs to the heart can lead to kidney problems.
Tips for improving sleep quality.
Avoid water and alcohol before bed.
Stay upright after drinking alcohol.
Address potential sleep apnea issues.
Consider using an Oura Ring to monitor oxygen levels.
Benefits of sleeping on your left side.
Sleeping on the left side can prevent heartburn and GERD by releasing trapped air in the stomach and reducing pressure on the diaphragm.
Pillows or devices can help maintain the left side sleeping position.
Having dogs can encourage sleeping on the left side and waking up early, potentially improving sleep quality.
Snoring should be taken seriously as it may indicate sleep apnea, a life-threatening condition.
Importance of addressing symptoms of a big prostate promptly.
Ignoring symptoms can lead to kidney damage due to urine backup, causing obstructive uropathy.
Men should not ignore frequent nighttime bathroom trips and seek medical help from a urologist or family doctor.
Untreated big prostate can result in irreversible kidney damage.
Promptly addressing the issue is crucial to avoid long-term health complications.