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Skin Benefits Of Hypochlorous Acid

Dr Dray2024-04-18
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Hypochlorous acid is a weak acid produced by the body to fight off invaders, with benefits including wound healing, itch relief, and combating bacteria. It can help with conditions like eczema, acne, and body odor, with safe usage for children and teens. While it may not have strong research backing for all benefits, it is recommended for controlling odor, itch, and sweat. Popular options include Skin Smart Antimicrobial Spray and Tower 28. Use caution when combining with other skincare products, and prioritize sunscreen.

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Hypochlorous acid is a weak acid naturally produced by the body to fight off invaders like bacteria, fungi, and viruses.
It is used in disinfectants, pool water treatment, and even drinking water treatment.
In dermatologic surgery, it is popular for its anti-inflammatory properties that aid in wound healing and itch relief.
Hypochlorous acid can penetrate biofilms, effectively combating bacteria like staphylococcus aureus and complicating wound healing bacteria.
It shows promise in improving scar appearance and treating atopic dermatitis by reducing bacterial colonization and relieving itch.
Benefits of Hypochlorous Acid for Skin Conditions
Hypochlorous acid reduces histamine activity and neuroinflammation, providing relief for eczema patients.
It is safe and effective for treating blepharitis and may also help with acne due to its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.
When sprayed on sweaty areas, hypochlorous acid can soothe itchy skin, reduce bacterial burden, and potentially control body odor.
It is particularly beneficial for eczema-prone individuals experiencing itchiness and flares, especially in sweaty conditions.
Benefits of Hypochlorous Acid Spray for Skin Health
Hypochlorous acid spray can promote wound healing and control acne breakouts, making it safe for use by children and teens.
The spray is gentle on the skin, unlike harsh alternatives like hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol, but may cause dryness and irritation with frequent use.
It is uncertain whether hypochlorous acid spray can be used alongside certain skincare products like Vitamin C or retinol, as there is a lack of studies on their compatibility.
Recommendations include using the spray after cleansing for acne or on areas prone to atopic dermatitis flares, but caution should be taken when combining it with other skincare products.
Benefits of hypochlorous acid sprays for controlling odor, itch, and sweat.
Limited research backing for other benefits of hypochlorous acid sprays.
Popular options include Skin Smart Antimicrobial Spray and Universal Skin Solution Dermal Spray.
Tower 28 is a well-liked choice for hypochlorous acid sprays.
Speaker finds hypochlorous acid sprays helpful for managing itchiness caused by sweat and emphasizes the importance of sunscreen.