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Mobile Gaming Face-Off: Nintendo Switch vs Apple iPhone 15 Pro

Digital Foundry2024-05-11
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The comparison between the Nintendo Switch and iPhone 15 Pro shows that the iPhone outperforms the Switch in gaming performance, offering higher frame rates, visuals, and a smoother experience. Games like Grid Auto Sport and GTA definitive editions demonstrate superior rendering resolution, lighting, and color grading on the iPhone. Despite the Switch's portability and game library, the iPhone's advanced features and potential as a hybrid system with high-profile games make it a superior choice for gaming. However, challenges such as fixed aspect ratio and SDR to HDR content mapping may arise when outputting to a TV.

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iPhone 15 Pro vs Nintendo Switch gaming performance.
iPhone 15 Pro surpasses Switch in frame rate and visuals, providing a smoother gaming experience.
Grid Auto Sport displays higher rendering resolution on iPhone, offering better performance and visuals.
GTA definitive editions on iPhone show enhanced lighting and color grading similar to PS2 versions.
iPhone includes ambient occlusion and extended draw distances for a more immersive gaming experience than the Switch.
Discrepancy in frame rate and visual quality between iPhone and Switch versions of popular games.
Horizon Chase 2 runs smoothly at 60fps on iPhone but has visual cutbacks and frame rate issues on Switch.
Recfest achieves flawless 60fps on iPhone with enhanced lighting, while on Switch it runs at 30fps.
Alien Isolation performs well at 30fps on Switch, with the iPhone version running at 60fps but experiencing some drop frames.
Overall, iPhone offers a superior gaming experience in terms of frame rate and visual quality compared to Switch.
iPhone has better graphical performance than Nintendo Switch, especially when using a controller for portable play.
Docked play on iPhone is possible with a USB hub and external controller, but the touch-based interface may require the phone to be close by.
Fixed aspect ratio and SDR to HDR content mapping may pose challenges when outputting to a TV.
Accessing the phone during gameplay can be difficult with a USB hub connected.
A comparison between the Nintendo Switch and iPhone 15 Pro for gaming.
Nintendo Switch praised for portability and game library, functioning as a hybrid console.
iPhone 15 Pro highlighted for advanced features like faster graphics performance and USB type-c display output.
Apple secures high-profile games for iPhone, but gaming selection is lacking compared to the Switch.
Potential for iPhone as a hybrid system recognized, especially with more high-profile games in the future.