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Polar Grit X2 Pro // AMOLED, Topo Maps, Strava Routes, Better Heart Rate Accuracy?

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Polar has launched the Grit X2 Pro sports watch with features like an AMOLED touchscreen display, offline maps, and dual-frequency satellite chipset. It is durable, with enhanced GPS and heart rate accuracy, priced at $749 for stainless steel and $869 for titanium. The watch offers a premium look, fast navigation, up to 10 days of battery life, and a fourth-generation heart rate sensor. An upcoming software update will include a dual-frequency satellite chipset for improved accuracy and additional features in the navigation system. The Grit X2 Pro is feature-packed and aimed at durability, with compatibility and updates provided by Polar.

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Polar releases new flagship sports watch, the Grit X2 Pro.
Features include AMOLED touchscreen display, offline maps, and dual frequency satellite chipset.
Ruggedized with sapphire lens, improved GPS and heart rate accuracy, breadcrumb Trails, and Strava route integration.
Available in stainless steel and titanium versions, priced at $749 and $869 respectively.
Focuses on durability with military-grade ratings, increased scratch resistance, and water resistance up to 100m.
Overview of Grit X2 Pro Smartwatch
The smartwatch has a premium look with a variety of band options including silicone and leather.
Features a bright 1.39-inch AMOLED touchscreen display with high brightness and contrast.
Display prevents pixel burn and comes with a faster processor for improved performance.
Lightweight and comfortable to wear, with different weight variations based on the band type.
Interface is quick and responsive, providing a smooth user experience.
Highlights of the Grit X2 Pro Smartwatch Features
The Grit X2 Pro smartwatch offers fast navigation through menus with minimal delay.
It features a flashlight function and up to 10 days of battery life in smartwatch mode.
The watch includes a fourth-generation heart rate sensor claimed to be highly accurate.
Polar introduces a revised heart rate algorithm in the Grit X2 Pro to automatically correct inaccuracies in heart rate data.
Upcoming software release for Grid X2 Pro in April will feature dual frequency satellite chipset.
New chipset aims to access multiple satellite frequencies simultaneously to prevent signal inaccuracies in challenging environments.
Vantage V3 will receive firmware update to enhance accuracy.
Grid X2 Pro will come with offline maps for detailed location context, with option to download more detailed maps from Polar Flow website.
Device will have 32 GB of storage for maps and improved map responsiveness for faster loading.
New features added to the Polar navigation system include directional arrows, support for Strava routes, vertical speed data, and 3D speed data fields.
The Grit X2 Pro offers sport profiles, training feedback, ECG, and training guidance.
Polar ensures V3 compatibility with software updates for the Grit X2 Pro.
The Grit X2 Pro is described as a durable and feature-packed multiport watch.
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