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If you're seeing this, I'm in jail.

David McBride2024-05-15
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Former military lawyer David McBride sentenced to 5 years and 8 months for sharing classified documents with journalists. McBride accepts jail time to address corruption and lack of accountability, plans to appeal. Emphasizes the importance of whistleblowers and public interest in the military. Supporters express gratitude, McBride determined to come out stronger. Courtroom reaction vocal, McBride pleads guilty to theft and sharing secret documents. Reflects on accountability and responsibility in the Armed Forces.

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David McBride sentenced to 5 years and 8 months for sharing classified military documents.
McBride believes going to prison will help fix the country by addressing corruption and lack of accountability.
Expresses gratitude to supporters and vows to come out stronger after serving his sentence.
Plans to appeal, hoping the high court will recognize the importance of whistleblowers.
McBride sees his situation as a victory and is determined to win, despite pleading guilty to three charges.
Lack of legal duty to public interest for members of the Armed Forces.
Discussion prompts reflection on protections for public interest in Australia's military and future deployments.
Speaker emphasizes the importance of serving.
Questions raised about accountability and responsibility in the military.