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Top 10 Digital Trends: January 2024

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The 2024 Global Digital Overview Report highlights TikTok's popularity with 55 trillion views. Instagram surpasses WhatsApp as the top social platform. Social media user identities reach 5.04 billion in 2024. Digital ad spend comprises 70% of global ad spending, exceeding a trillion dollars. TV viewing decreases by 8%, while internet usage rises by 1%. The report encourages viewers to explore more insights on datarreport.com and subscribe for future updates.

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Insights from the 2024 Global Digital Overview Report.
TikTok videos with the FYP hashtag have 55 trillion views, demonstrating its popularity.
TikTok users spend an average of 34 hours per month on the platform, surpassing YouTube.
Snapchat and WeChat have reached significant user milestones.
LinkedIn now has more than 1 billion registered members.
Instagram surpasses WhatsApp as top social platform globally.
TikTok ranks fifth in popularity with 7.4% of users.
TV viewing decreases by 8%, while internet usage increases by 1% in the past year.
Social media user identities grow by 266 million, totaling 5.04 billion in 2024.
Despite reports of decline, social media user numbers are rapidly rising, showing continued growth in the digital space.
Strong social media growth in 20124.
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