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GRAVITY for Dummies/Geniuses: GAIN ENERGY DURING CHARGE COLLAPSE- Cause of Gravity, Attention, LIFE

Dan Winter2024-06-28
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The video delves into the concept of creating gravity through electric systems, challenging traditional physics views on gravity and time. It explores energy gain during collapse, the relationship between energy, mass, and compression, and the physics of Stargates and portals. The importance of implosion, vortex string theory, and non-destructive self-reentry is emphasized. The segment also discusses the potential applications of vortex-generated gravity and the significance of understanding precession. Additionally, it touches on phase conjugation, crystal technology, and the golden ratio in relation to gravity, consciousness, and spiritual growth. The speaker advocates for focusing human intention to enhance productivity and learning in natural environments.

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The segment explores the concept of gravity in relation to electrogravitics and the creation of gravity through electric systems.
Traditional physics views on gravity and time are challenged, with an emphasis on rotation and vortex string theory.
Understanding energy gain during collapse, or implosion, is crucial for comprehending gravity, life force, consciousness, and self-organization.
The segment highlights the importance of rethinking our understanding of gravity and its connection to various aspects of existence.
Discussion on gaining energy during collapse through hydrogen assembly using a golden ratio Vortex.
Connection between gaining energy, gravity, life force, and consciousness is explored.
Centripedal force, negative ions as small black holes, and the angle of the Scorpion's tail are discussed.
Presentation includes slides from a conference in France and highlights non-destructive self-reentry as a key aspect of consciousness.
Emphasis on the significance of gaining energy during collapse for understanding various phenomena.
The relationship between energy, mass, and compression is explored in the context of non-destructive compression and the unified field.
Nesop platonic solids play a significant role in creating the golden ratio and charge implosion.
The electrical symmetry of the atomic table is based on platonic solids, which help hold matter together and define gravity.
The physics of black holes, Stargates, and portals are discussed, with a focus on the potential for creating Stargates through phase conjugation of lasers and mass arrangement.
The physics of Stargates and portals, implosion events, and brainwave coherence.
The connection between implosion, gravity, and Stargates is explained through the longitudinal EMF coherence array.
Visualizing Vortex is emphasized to comprehend gravity and voltage generation from gravity.
Highly charged, conductive water with dissolved minerals is crucial in creating power from gravity.
The lecturer's success is dependent on the audience's understanding of these complex concepts.
Conversion of transverse EMF to longitudinal compressional waves within a vortex.
Exploration of the implosion point at the center of the vortex and generation of coherent longitudinal gravity waves.
Emphasis on the importance of pure intention and balancing energies within the body to become a sharable wave.
Explanation of the relationship between waves convergence, symmetry, and creation of coherent longitudinal nodes, connecting to the collective unconscious and successful death.
Emphasis on the necessity of compression for effective results in electrogravitics.
Creating gravity through a Mercury Vortex.
Nazis utilized gravity technology to establish bases on the moon and Mars.
The EM Drive generates gravity through microwave standing waves.
Optimizing implosive compression and distribution leads to coherent longitudinal electromagnetic forces.
Vortex-generated gravity has potential applications and is rooted in physics.
Discussion on the potential harm of using microwaves without understanding, focusing on cooking.
Explanation of phase conjugating microwaves to create gravity implosion and the importance of understanding precession for gravity stabilization.
Explanation of propulsion methods such as impulse power and warp power in relation to crystal technology and phase conjugate pump waves.
Reference to the book 'Glimpses of Epiphany' by Elizabeth Bill Donovan for further reading on these topics.
The speaker explains the concept of phase conjugation in relation to controlling plant polygraphs and healing water.
Crystals can be manipulated to emit coherent longitudinal waves through phase conjugation.
Super dielectric insect skeletons play a role in gravity due to the geometry of their cavities.
The discussion explores implosive capacitance and the implosive cone structure of cavity reflections.
The speaker demonstrates flying using insect skeletons.
Relationship between golden ratio and orbital mechanics, gravity, and consciousness.
Charge collapse causes gravity and golden ratio stabilizes gravity and atmosphere.
Vortex's implosive nature, coherence of brain waves, and gaining energy during charge collapse.
Understanding these concepts for achieving immortality and strengthening future generations.
Importance stressed for facing global challenges and political uncertainties.
The segment delves into implosion, energy gain during charge collapse, gravity, life force, consciousness, and entropy.
Emotions and thoughts are discussed as factors impacting energy flow, using examples like meditating under gold domes.
The physics of Kundalini and the significance of pure thoughts for spiritual growth are emphasized.
Connection to successful death and the collective unconscious is explored.
The importance of staying centered in pure principles to reach higher levels of consciousness and spiritual evolution is highlighted.
Importance of focusing human intention to create a powerful electrical field.
Negative impact of electrosmog in classrooms and the need for natural environments in learning.
Grounding in nature as a way to improve academic performance and concentration.
Concern about the lack of soulfulness in the current educational system.
Advocacy for a more holistic approach to education.