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Top 10 Best Budget Gaming Headsets 2024

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The video reviews budget gaming headsets like the HyperX Cloud Stinger 2 Core, Logitech g335, Steel Series Arctis Prime, Razer Kyra X, HyperX Cloud X, Corsair HS 65, Logitech g435, Razer Black Shark V2X, and Razer Barracuda X. Each headset offers different features in terms of sound quality, comfort, build quality, and microphone performance. Prices range from $29.99 to $49.99, with some headsets excelling in specific areas like directional sound or mic quality. Overall, the reviews provide a comprehensive overview of affordable gaming headset options with varying strengths and weaknesses.

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Overview of the HyperX Cloud Stinger 2 Core gaming headset.
Priced at $29.99, the headset offers good sound quality and comfort.
Durable and lightweight plastic build reduces head fatigue during long gaming sessions.
Features a volume wheel for controls and a non-detachable 3.5mm connection.
Despite minor drawbacks, the overall fitment is comfortable with clear and crisp microphone quality.
Comparison between Logitech g335 and Steel Series Arctis Prime headsets.
Logitech g335 offers solid build quality, comfortable fit, and adjustable features, with clear sound quality and great in-game directional sound.
Logitech g335 lacks deep bass but includes a volume wheel for controls and has impressive comfort with plush ear muffs.
The microphone on Logitech g335 is exceptional for the price point.
Steel Series Arctis Prime excels in build quality, feeling like a more expensive headset with sound quality tuned more for gaming, clear mids, and balanced vocals.
The Razer Kyra X headset offers great value for $40.
Impressive sound quality for gaming and music.
Durable build quality with some plastic construction.
High comfort level with lightweight design and soft ear muffs.
Fantastic directional sound for gaming on multiple platforms.
Overview of HyperX Cloud X headset.
Priced at $49.99, it has a generic design but solid build quality.
Praises for fuller, richer sound, well-balanced mids, and great directional sound.
Controls include a mic mute switch and volume wheel on the cable.
Comfort levels are good but may vary depending on head size.
Mic quality is crisp and clear, slightly muddier than the Razer Kyra X.
Brief mention of Corsair HS 65 headset's build quality and design elements.
Overview of HS 65s Headphones
Balanced sound quality with deeper bass response and good music output.
Volume wheel and mic mute control on the left ear, non-detachable 3.5mm cable, and 3.5mm to USB adapter included.
Firm comfort with leather ear muffs, may be uncomfortable for glasses wearers.
Exceptional microphone quality with S tier performance, wireless connectivity with 2.4 GHz USB dongle, and around 20 hours of battery life.
Logitech G435 Light Headset Overview
Priced at $49.99, made of durable plastic, lightweight at 165g, and comfortable for long usage.
Improved sound quality with full and emotional sound, good directional sound, and well-balanced trebles and mids.
Battery life lasts around 24 hours, with a range of 50 ft for connectivity.
Praised for its comfort, being lightweight, airy, and suitable for long gaming sessions, but the mic placement near the ear is considered of poor quality.
The Razer Black Shark V2X is praised for its impressive sound quality, comfortable design, and budget-friendly price tag of $49.99.
The headset features soft faux leather, clean green accents, and adjustable metal bands.
Sound quality is described as clear trebles, good mids, and full bass suitable for both music and gaming.
Controls include a volume wheel and mic mute button, with connectivity options for USB or 3.5mm audio jack.
Comfort is highlighted with lightweight design, optimal pressure against the head, and breathable ear muffs.
The Razer Barracuda X headset offers clean sound quality and impressive directional audio.
The headset features multiple connectivity options, including Wireless, Bluetooth, and USB dongle sources.
With a battery life of 60 hours, it is suitable for long gaming sessions and provides great comfort, even with glasses.
The microphone quality is decent and works well on platforms like Discord.
The headset is versatile for gaming and music listening, with customizable EQ settings available through the Razer audio app on your phone.