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When You Ask for Supervisor, But Get a K9 Instead

Code Blue Cam2024-03-27
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Law enforcement officers confront a man named Matthew during a traffic stop in Fall River, Wisconsin, due to his uncooperative behavior. A K9 unit is deployed for a positive alert, leading to the discovery of marijuana in the vehicle. Matthew attempts to flee but is stopped by a tire deflation device. He is eventually taken into custody, charged with felony counts, and given a cash bond of $1,000. Despite his resistance and past offenses, no convictions were mentioned.

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Traffic stop in Fall River, Wisconsin leads to K9 search and tire deflation device.
Matthew, the driver, was uncooperative and refused to roll down his window during the traffic stop.
K9 Rico was deployed and alerted to the presence of illegal substances in the vehicle.
A tire deflation device was placed under Matthew's rear tire to prevent him from fleeing.
Despite Matthew's denial of having any illegal substances, the deputy had to act due to his behavior and probation conditions.
Confrontation with Law Enforcement during a Vehicle Search.
Matthew is asked to step out of his vehicle for a search after a dog alerts the officers.
Officers find plastic packages labeled as marijuana in the back seat of the vehicle.
Matthew tries to flee but is stopped by a trap under his tire.
Officers escalate the situation by insisting on Matthew stepping out of the car to avoid further consequences.
Driver loses control due to deflated tire, leading to crash and attempted escape.
K9 unit apprehends driver after fleeing on foot.
Driver resists but is eventually subdued and taken into custody.
Driver sustains injuries from canine bite and is questioned about well-being.
Car is towed, and medical assistance is called for; no weapons or narcotics found during search.
Individual arrested for drug-related offenses after attempting to flee from law enforcement.
Despite past charges, individual has avoided convictions, including for DUI.
Drugs and drug paraphernalia found in individual's vehicle during search.
Individual displayed signs of impairment and was uncooperative during the encounter.
EMS called for a dog bite injury sustained by the individual during the incident.
Matthew faced multiple felony and misdemeanor charges, including vehicle fleeing, possession with intent THC, resisting an officer, and possession of drug paraphernalia.
He was also cited over $1,300 in fines, including a first offense.
Matthew's cash bond was set at $1,000.