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Microsoft closes out keynote event with new AI tools

CNBC Television2024-05-21
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Microsoft showcases ChatGPT 4.0 and emphasizes its benefits at a developer's conference, focusing on Azure Cloud tools. OpenAI discusses AI tutoring benefits for developers to create apps. Powerful AI models still require cloud computing for optimal performance, with costs shifting to users over time. Microsoft highlights the shift to cloud-based operations, past experiences with Windows Phone, and an anticipated partnership with Open AI for AI on iPhones. They aim for technology to be widely accessible in the future.

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Highlights from the Developer's Conference:
Microsoft CTO Kevin Scott presents ChatGPT 4.0, emphasizing its benefits as a language model.
The event aims to equip developers with tools to run on Microsoft's Azure Cloud.
OpenAI's Sal Khan discusses the tutoring advantages of AI tools, encouraging developers to create their own apps.
While AI models have advanced, cloud computing remains crucial for optimal performance, with costs potentially shifting to users in the future.
Microsoft emphasizes Azure cloud and developer tools for developers, stressing the importance of cloud-based operations.
The transition from desktops and laptops to smartphones is discussed, including Microsoft's history with Windows Phone and Android devices.
Microsoft's acquisition of Nokia and its subsequent abandonment under Satya Nadella's leadership is mentioned.
Apple's plans for AI on the iPhone, potentially in partnership with Open AI, are anticipated.
Despite current PC focus, Microsoft aims for widespread accessibility of their technology in the future.