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國外聲樂老師點評蔡依林《玫瑰少年》 Vocal Coach Reaction to Jolin Tsai The First Take「Womxnly」

CZ Media2023-07-03
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The video praises the singer for her beauty, style, and authentic vibe, with falsetto vocals and an intimate recording style. It discusses the transformation from a good girl to a bad girl, emphasizing confidence and strength, empowerment, and self-assurance. The song, despite its simplicity, is well-loved for its charm and authenticity, conveying a message of resilience and determination.

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Praise for the singer's beauty, style, and authentic vibe.
The singer's vocals are described as falsetto and floaty, recorded intimately.
The song is not vocally demanding but effectively brought to life.
The artist's magic is attributed to her look, vibe, and singing.
Despite its simplicity, the song is well-loved for its charm and authenticity.
Transformation from being a good girl to a bad girl, embracing confidence and strength.
Emphasizes not underestimating someone and their ability to overcome challenges, showcasing resilience and determination.
Lyrics convey a message of empowerment and self-assurance, focusing on taking control and achieving what is deserved.
Transition from being underestimated to proving one's worth is highlighted, promoting empowerment and self-worth.