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Targeted by a Copyright Company Called Comeso GmbH

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The video discusses multiple instances of copyright infringement notifications from Cosmo GmbH targeting social media content, causing confusion and frustration for the creators. Despite following fair use guidelines, the notifications continued, leading to takedown notices on platforms like DeviantArt. The speaker advises caution and vigilance against unjust actions by companies like Cosmo GmbH, highlighting cyberbullying tactics and the need to protect oneself by creating separate social media accounts.

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Issue of copyright infringement notifications from Cosmo GmbH targeting YouTuber's social media content.
YouTuber received multiple notifications for alleged copyright violations, including links to videos not belonging to their channel.
Despite following YouTube's rules and fair use guidelines, the notifications continued, causing confusion and concern for the YouTuber.
YouTuber sought clarification from YouTube but received no resolution, leading to ongoing frustration and uncertainty regarding the validity of the claims.
The speaker faces copyright issues while transforming black and white manga images into colored ones for reviews.
YouTube supports the speaker by confirming the fair use of colored manga images despite copyright infringement notifications.
DeviantArt issues takedown notices for colored manga images uploaded by the speaker, leading to the page being taken down for copyright violation.
The speaker decides to exclusively upload colored manga images on Twitter after announcing the cessation of uploads on DeviantArt.
Speaker targeted by Cosmo GmbH on social media.
Company flagged and removed content for copyright infringement.
Speaker advises blocking the company on social media and being cautious of suspicious followers.
Frustration expressed at cyberbullying tactics employed by Cosmo GmbH.
Positive feedback received on manga colorings from creators.
Cosmo GmbH abusing copyright claims against anime and manga reviewers.
The company targets individuals without reason, prompting the speaker to warn others to be vigilant.
Advice is given to change descriptions and remove links if targeted by Cosmo GmbH.
The speaker emphasizes the unjust actions of the company and urges caution to others.
To protect themselves, the speaker created new social media accounts separate from their YouTube channel.
Speaker discusses first-hand experiences with Cosmo GmbH.
Speaker expresses gratitude to viewers for watching.
Speaker mentions returning with a better topic in the future.