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CNA | Talking Point | E28: Wholemeal or multigrain? The truth about "healthier" breads

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The video discusses the health benefits of wholemeal bread, including higher fiber content, antioxidants, and lower calorie count compared to white bread. It emphasizes the importance of avoiding ultra-processed foods for a healthier diet and explores the nutritional value of artisanal bread made with different types of flour. Additionally, a keto diet bread option is highlighted as a low-carb, high-fat alternative to traditional wheat bread, with almond flour and eggs as key ingredients. Overall, the video promotes making informed decisions about bread choices for better nutrition and health.

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Health benefits of wholemeal bread compared to white bread.
Wholemeal bread has higher fiber content, antioxidants, and can boost concentration.
A family switched to wholemeal bread for weight management as it helps control snacking.
Market share of wholemeal bread has increased, prompting investigation into its healthiness.
A visit to a bakery where a chef explains the nutritional value of wholemeal bread and its production.
Importance of whole grains in bread.
White flour in wholemeal and whole-grain breads may not reduce their health benefits if wholemeal flour is a significant ingredient.
Products with the healthy choice symbol or containing at least 25% more whole grains are recommended for better nutrition.
Whole grains offer protection against chronic diseases in the long term.
Be cautious of multigrain bread, as it may sometimes be made of 100% white flour with multigrain blends on top; check the ingredients list and opt for wholemeal or whole wheat options for healthier choices.
Comparison of calorie content between white bread, multigrain bread, and wholemeal bread reveals wholemeal bread has 15% fewer calories than white bread.
Ultra-processed foods like white bread contain additional ingredients such as sugar, stabilizers, and emulsifiers to extend shelf life.
Examples of ultra-processed foods include chocolates, sausages, and instant noodles.
These foods are associated with higher amounts of sugar, salt, saturated fat, and additives, increasing the risk of chronic diseases.
Avoiding ultra-processed foods is recommended for a healthier diet.
Benefits of artisanal bread made with whole wheat, rye, cornmeal, and spelt.
Rye flour has 4x more fiber and 20% fewer calories than white flour.
Spelt flour has 20% more protein and is a good source of vitamin B2.
Different types of flour create unique textures and flavors in the bread.
Educating customers on the benefits of artisanal bread is crucial for increasing sales.
Benefits of keto diet bread
Keto bread is low in carbs and high in fat, made with almond flour and eggs.
The bread is gluten-free, moist, and tasty, with a natural almond flavor.
Despite the high cost of almond flour, keto bread is a healthier alternative to traditional wheat bread.
It is important to read ingredient labels to make informed decisions about bread choices, with a preference for the keto variety.