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Athy Lee, the 14-year-old bodybuilder who wants to go professional

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Athy started bodybuilding at a young age, inspired by social media, focusing on structured training and nutrition. With support from his parents, his dedication has improved his confidence, helped with academic challenges due to dyslexia, and emphasized consistency and self-improvement over comparison with others.

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Athy's journey in bodybuilding and how it has positively impacted his life.
Athy began bodybuilding at a young age, inspired by social media, and emphasizes structured training programs and nutrition for optimal results.
His parents support his passion by providing necessary resources, aiding in his dedication to bodybuilding.
Bodybuilding has improved Athy's confidence and helped him overcome academic challenges related to dyslexia.
Athy values consistency and self-improvement, focusing on individual progress rather than comparing himself to others.